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Mahr Federal Air Gaging for Through or Blind Bores

CDI is a very proud supplier of Mahr Federal and their outstanding line up of Air Gaging products.  Air plug gages are used for testing cylindrical through bores or blind bores. The plug gage bodies are equipped with two opposing measuring jets which record the measured value without contact. This arrangement allows the diameter, the diametric roundness and the cylindricity of bores to be calculated using a single jet air plug gage.

Calibrated Dimensionair ID Tooling

Mahr Air Plugs

 The tooling available to produce these highly accurate readings is available in portable handheld gages handy enough to take to the part being measured……….

…….    or on a benchtop instrument


Air Gaging applications come is all sizes and shapes.  From 15 microns to 76 microns, for through bores or blind, for roundness or cylindricity, the folks at Mahr Federal know their Air Gaging.

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