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Sterling Simplifies SPC with Gage Xpress

GageXpress Pro 3.0 SPC Gaging Software provides the complete solution for
inspecting parts, calibration and viewing resultant data. Applications can be
easily configured for both manual, semi-automatic or automatic gaging configurations.
Inputs from a variety of sensors such as LVDT digital probes, Air to
Electronic converters, Digital Indicators and Digital I/O are plug and play
through a universal USB interface. Sterling ProMeasure Systems is the total solution
for your gaging needs.

GageXpress Pro or Lite

Spc Data Collection:  A Realtime database stores and allows management of SPC information.  A complete range of charts are available including Xbar, XbaroS, Histogram, and Statistical Summary.  Data can be stored based upon user defined tags.  Information is pronted directly from the gage station or exported in ASCII for text, Microsoft Excel, or Q-DAS.

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