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MicroRidge Introduces 3rd Generation Wireless Data Collection

Welcome to MobileCollect / “Wireless on the Move”

MicroRidge Systems of Sun River Oregon recently introduced a Third Generation of wireless measurement collection.  Mobile Collect features new technology, new features, and new pricing (LOWER PRICING !!!) made possible by more highly integrated radio technology.

Mobile Collect supports all Digital Gages and interfaces from manufacturers like Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki, Starrett, Fowler, Brown & Sharpe and more.

A MOBILE COLLECT system consists of a transmitter, interface link to match your gage of choice  and a base unit (USB). 

Why go wireless on your shop floor?  Great question.  If you’ve ever experienced a cable mess at the gage table (called a “spaghetti bowl”), or if you have larger parts requiring the portability of the gage, then wireless gage collection may be just the tool.  How about eliminating manual data entry?  Many shops today will measure the part, write the data on the clipboard, and keystroke the data into the SPC at the end of the shift.  This manual process offers too many opportunities for data entry error.  In the Mobile Collect environment, you’ll measure the part and press send.  Done, data delivered, no errors, no manual entry.

To learn more about Mobile Collect and the outstanding benefits available to your data collection process, call the experts at Component Distributors, Inc. today.

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