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Schaevitz LVDT’s are Measurement Specialties !

As many of you may (or may not) know, the world leader in Linear Variable Displacement Transformers (LVDT’s) is Schaevitz Sensors.  What you may not know is that Schaevitz is actually an old brand name now of the umbrella corporate entity Measurement Specialties.  However you wish to call them, Schaevitz, Measurement Specialties, “Meas”, or MSI, this company knows their stuff when it comes to Position Sensors.

As the World’s largest stocking distributor of the Schaevitz Brand LVDT, CDI (Component Distributors, Inc) is proud to bring you a first-class line-up of Linear Displacement Transducers for any industrial application.

The offering is diverse to say the least.  Let’s take a closer look.

AC LVDT :  These High Reliability probes are available in most any stroke range and configuration you can think of.  If you require AC operation in a standard size, miniature, hermetically sealed, low cost, right angle, or even a captive core version, you’ll be sure to find it right here.

DC LVDT :  In this section, you will find any DC (no external conditioners required) probe that you would find in the AC sector, except there will be no need to purchase any additional instrumentation.  It’s integrated right inside the probe body.  Again, all measuring ranges are available, from hermetically sealed to captive core options.

GAGEHEADS: Now there’s a funny name.   Gage Heads?  If quality control is your gig, or machine tool inspection equipment is important to you, there might be a Gage Head application awaiting you.  The Schaevitz Gage Head comes in many flavors.  Consider an ultra-precision LBB (Linear Ball Bearing) probe for jobs requiring repeatabilty specs near 0.000002″.   Need similar precision in a heavy-duty, shop floor robust package?  No worries, the GCA/GCD series is for you. Spring Loaded, CE Compliant, Hermetically Sealed Electronics.  Go ahead, drive that fork lift over any one of these twelve models, and pop it right back into the fixture.  The all-welded construction will giggle at that attempt to destroy.

Do you require a Two-Wire Looped Power Sensor for a Power Plant application, or an industrial project requiring longer cable runs?  No problem for the folks from Hampton, VA.  Pick up any Schaevitz LVDT TRansmitter by choosing from an Intrinsicaly Safe HCT IS, a Rugged PTS, or a CTS with remote Electronics up to 25 feet away.

As you can clearly see, the choices are tremendous.  We challenge you, the OEM, System Integrator, or Machine Builder requiring Linear Displacement feedback to put us to the test.

We are CDI, and we welcome you to come browse the world of Schaevitz at our site.

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