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Sensata 2CP5/2CP50 Pressure Transducer

The 2CP5 Series transducer by Sensata provides proven high volume performance at a low cost. The design is ideal for demanding HVAC and refrigeration applications where long–term reliability is a must. Designed to operate on a 5 Vdc power supply, the transducer provides 0–5 Vdc output that requires no end user amplification. The output is ratiometric to supply voltage, allowing users to maintain accuracy with variation in supply voltage. Wiring is efficiently managed with a rugged, weatherproof automotive–grade connector. Internal components are packaged in a brass– or zinc–plated carbon steel housing available in a variety of thread configurations.

Sensata 2CP5/2CP50 Series Pressure Transducers

Sensata 2CP5/2CP50 Series Pressure Transducers

CDI has a complete listing of pressure transducers in stock on our web site. Also be sure to ask about the mating cable required for these transducers. The cable length can be made to your requirements.

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