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Thermometrics/Amphenol Has Introduced The NTC Type JC Clip-On Pipe and Surface Sensors

CDI- Non Invasive Pip Temperature Measurements
In many applications it’s difficult or simply not feasible to monitor the actual fluid temperature in a closed system. This is especially true in after-market process control. The next best way to measure the temperature is by monitoring the temperature of the pipe in which the media is flowing. This is especially true in applications such as: gas boiler control, domestic water systems, air conditioners, radiator inlet-outlet, electric showers, vending machines, chiller and refrigeration units to name a few.
Thermometrics/Amphenol has introduced the NTC Type JC
Clip-On Pipe and Surface Sensors.

The sensors are offered with an NTC or PTC thermistor output.

Additional Features Include:

  • Suitable for use in conditions of high condensation and occasional immersion in
  • 0 – 100°C operating range
  • Low temperature gradient (<1.8°F at 140°F)
    (<1°C at 60°C))
  • Sensing element electrically isolated from shoe
    (isolation >20M Ω at 500V)
  • Type JC meets IP48 standard
  • Range of clips for pipe diameters 0.51 in to 1.18 in
    (13 mm to 30 mm). Additional size options available
  • Self-adjusts to irregular pipe surfaces
  • Fast time response (1.5s typical) for JC and 3.0s for JW
  • Water resistant version available (Type JW) meetsIP44 standard. Consult factory for details
  • Offers cost benefits over traditional immersion probes

The JC series is offered in a range of temperature sensing elements on a ceramic / metal shoe assembly, held in a polymer housing and provided with connector tabs. The housing is fitted with a spring metal clip for pipe attachment. The elements available are NTC, PTC, SLN (silicon linear PTC) and PRT (Pt).

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