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Dorsey Metrology Lands on CDI Line Card!

Dorsey Metrology International
Once again, the Position Sensing and Gaging folks at CDI have bolstered their industry leading lineup of Precision Measurement products with the addition of dimensional measurement experts, Dorsey Metrology out of Poughkeepsie, NY.

What does Dorsey Metrology bring to the CDI Gaging Party? Now that’s a fine question, but the better question might be: What DON’T they bring? When it comes to Dimensional Measurement Instrumentation, simply put.. “Dorsey brings it.”

For starters, and maybe even the lesser known of all their incredible products, is the Optical Comparator by Dorsey.

Looking at low cost, high performance (and who isn’t looking for cost savings when researching equipment purchases like Optical Comparators?) then consider 16H Series for right around $9,000.00. $9K !!! Thats all it takes to get in with Dorsey, where most of their competitors’ accessories add up to that much!

Thinking larger is always on the mind of those at 32" or 40" applications for large part metrology. For these bigger tasks, have a glance at the 32 or 40VP’s.

For the projects and jobs out there requiring the more traditional contacting methods, then your Quality Engineering folks should always be in the loop on the Dorsey range of Bore, Snap, and other ID/OD measurement tooling.

Whatever your project measurement application calls for, be sure to involve your CDI Technical Experts. Have a question, issue, or simply need a quote right away? Then wait no further and click the big yellow button for some immediate feedback on all your Dorsey Metrology needs today!!!

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