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CDI and Mahr Federal 2012 Spring Promotions

Component Distributors Inc, Mahr Federal 2012 Spring Promotion


Promotion Prices Valid Until 6/30/2012

Component Distributors Inc. and Mahr Federal are happy to share some of their Spring 2012 Promotions. Mahr Federal Precision Gages provide a large range of easy to use measuring and metrology tools that deliver reliable data. Download The Entire Spring 2012 Mahr Federal Promotion Catalog


Digimar. Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 817 CLM
Quick Height – 2D The new Height Measuring Instrument with
the innovative Quick Mode. Highly accurate rapid measurements,
a wide range of measuring and evaluation possibilities and excellent
operator comfort.
Mahr Federal, CDI, Digimar. Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 817 CLM, Spring 2012 Promotion

Pocket Surf PS1:
The portable surface roughness measuring instrument Large display, directly selectable parameters, freely selectable button, USB interface PS1, integrated calibration standard, pick-up with removable pick-up protection, drive unit, flexibility thanks to 4 internal threaded bores, start button on the right and on the left.
Mahr Federal, CDI, Pocket Surf PS1

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