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CDI Delivers Digital Gage to Wireless Transmission to SPC Solutions

CDI Is Your World Leading Gage & Precision Measuring Tool Supplier

Easy One-Stop Shopping.
Now from CDI, you can order a turnkey package of components to measure any part or part attribute and have the measurement wirelessly transmitted to your PC and into the SPC System.

In Search of the Perfect Gage for Your Application?
Starting with Digital Gages, your CDI professional Gaging Solutions Engineers would be delighted to walk you down any of our “e-aisles”.

Check out these fantastic Digital Indicator options:
Mitutoyo Digital Indicators, More Info
Mahr Federal Digital Indicators, More Info
Want to transmit measured data without
messy cables all over the place?

Check out our MicroRidge Wireless Gage Transmitters. They will interface to ANY (yes ANY) Digital Gage out there. Just tell us your preferred Gage make and model and CDI will show you the way to WIRELESS DATA TRANSMISSION.

MicroRidge Wireless Gage Transmitters
Why would you look elsewhere for SPC or Data
Collection Software?
That’s right, CDI has software too. QC Calc and the rest of the ProLink SPC Lineup is already interfacing with MicroRidge Wireless!
ProLink SPC or Data Collection Software
So what are you waiting for? Click the big obnoxious yellow button now and put our Engineering staff to work for you today.
Questions? Talk to me "Sensor" Steve Rushing (303)357-2730,

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