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RoverBase, The New Addition to MobileCollect Wireless

Component Distributors Inc, MicroRidge Mobile Collect Wireless
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RoverBase is the new addition to the MobileCollect wireless system. It gives you total mobility for your measurement collection and the Visual Collect software included provides immediate feedback on the status of your process. With RoverBase you are not tied to a PC. You can take RoverBase and your gage(s) to the area where you need to take measurements.

Additional Features:
Receives gage measurements wirelessly from multiple MobileCollect Mobile Modules.
Can be used with any gage supported by the MobileCollect Mobile Modules.
The touch screen on RoverBase will assist you when navigating the program. You can also navigate using the keys on the keyboard.
The Visual Collect software included with RoverBase is used to capture and display measurements and basic statistical analysis.
Statistical analysis includes basic calculations, histograms, and control charts.
High capacity rechargeable lithium battery provides more than 12 hours of continuous operation.
The battery is charged when RoverBase is in the Docking Station or the AC adapter is connected.
Transfer your measurements to any SPC software for database management and further analysis.

Mobile Collect Wireless:
MicroRidge Mobile Collect Wireless Wireless system collects measurements with handheld gages (calipers, micrometers, etc.) to send wirelessly to your PC. >> Get More Info
RoverBase RoverBase wireless Handheld with Visual Collect software, wireless Mobile Base board installed internally, screen protector, stylus, User’s Guide and CD. RB-HANDHELD-VC
Docking Station Docking Station package for RoverBase Handheld. RB-DOCK-PKG
RoverBase Accessories
AC Adapter AC Adapter for Docking Station. RB-ADT
Backup Battery Backup Battery for Handheld. RB-BACKUP-BATT
Super High Capacity Battery Super High Capacity Battery (4400 mAh) for Handheld. RB-BATT-4400
Battery Door for Super High Capacity Battery Battery door for Super High Capacity Battery for Handheld RB-POUCH
Screen Protector Screen protector for Handheld (4/package). RB-SCRN-PROTECT
Stylus for Handheld Stylus for Handheld (1/package) RB-STYLUS-1
Stylus for Handheld Stylus for Handheld (5/package) RB-STYLUS-5
USB to Serial Converter USB to Serial Converter with Null Modem Adapter for Handheld Docking Station. RB-USB-ADT
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