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Schaevitz GCA / GCD Gage Heads for Precision Gaging in Heavy Duty Environments

Component Distributors Inc (CDI), Measurement Specialties, Schaevitz
Schaevitz GCA / GCD Gage Heads for Precision Gaging in Heavy Duty Environments. Available at CDI!
Measurement Specialties, GCA / GCD Gage Heads

Measurement Specialties top selling brand (Schaevitz), continues to lead the way with the industry’s most robust Position Sensors available. The GCA/GCD Gage Head features an All-Welded stainless steel construction, making it resistant to the harshest environments and applications, including any factory automation situation, industrial printing, steel mills, and more.

The MS-Type connectors make the probe simple to interface with today’s conditioners and electronics for in-process measurements (feeding back to the PLC or CNC controllers). Feel free to put these in high temp environments, where they will perform to spec, resist side loading, and offer industry leading life cycles.

Calibration Certs are supplied with each unit, so no need to inquire, it’s already done for you. Find quality sensing products at Component Distributors (CDI) today!

Part #: Description:
02350510-000 GA-HD GCD-121-125 Assy
02350511-000 GA-HD GCD-121-250 Assy
02350512-000 GA-HD GCD-121-500 Assy
02350513-000 GA-HD GCD-121-1000 Assy
02350501-000 GA-HD GCA-121-250 Assy
02350500-000 GA-HD GCA-121-125 Assy
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