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NK Technologies: Guaranteed Jam Protection For Conveyor Systems

NK Technologies, CDI

NK Technologies
Guaranteed Jam Protection For Conveyor Systems
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For a long time electromechanical relays have been used for jam protection to prevent drive motors from continuing to run during a conveyor jam. Unfortunately, these relays have questionable reliability. If the drive motors continue to run during jams, system elements including the motors may be damaged. That means expensive and time consuming repair and/or replacement, but even worse, down time for the entire conveyor system.

Now a modern replacement for the mechanical relay is available, offering solid state reliability and accuracy. CURRENT OPERATED SWITCHES such as the NK Technologies AS family of switches sense excess current to the drive motors and can be preset to not respond when normal changes in conveyor load occur. If the current to the motor exceeds the current limit for normal conveyor operation, the switch opens, shutting down the system without damage immediately and reliably.

Some conveyor systems have large variations of load. This application can be handled by the ATS family of transducer switches from NK Technologies. The transducer normally feeds current to a PLC which is controlling the conveyor system and can be programmed to have different set points for different loads. This modern technique offers solid state jam protection for light to heavy loads.

Sometimes a PLC cannot accept Analog signals; NK offers a patented transducer switch which provides a frequency output suitable for almost any PLC.

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Note: For existing, installed systems, NK has just introduced the AT/ATR-LS current transducer which features built in signal conditioning. This transducer also has a split core design so it can very easily be added to a system without removing the load, cutting/splicing conductors, or other disruptive actions.

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