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Schaevitz AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer for OEM Applications Available at CDI

Schaevitz AccuStar Electronic Clinometer for OEM Applications
Schaevitz AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer
for OEM Applications Available at CDI

AccuStar Electronic ClinometerThe AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer is an extremely accurate angle measurement device that produces an output signal which corresponds directly to the magnitude and direction of angular displacement. Measuring just 2 inches in diameter, this compact and affordable sensor is ideal where high accuracy measurements are required in space restrictive applications.

The heart of the system is a patented, capacitance-based sensor with no moving parts. When rotated about its sensitive axis, this unique sensor provides an exceedingly linear variation in capacitance, which is electronically converted into angular data. The sensor and low-power CMOS electronics are encased in a rugged plastic housing ready to install as a system component or as a stand-alone device.

The AccuStar® mounts easily onto any vertical surface using just two #6 or M3.5 screws. The slot at the base allows for fine adjustment of the zero angle position after installation. With a choice of analog, ratiometric, digital (PWM) or serial output models, the AccuStar® is designed for easy installation and integration.

Product Ordering Information
Available in Multiple Outputs and Mount Orientation:
Model: Mounting Flange Orientation: Part Number:
Ratiometric Vertical 02110002-000
Ratiometric Horizontal 02110102-000
Analog Vertical 02111002-000
Analog Horizontal 02111102-000
Digital Vertical 02112002-000
Digital Horizontal 02112102-000
Serial Vertical 02113002-000
Serial Horizontal 02113102-000
Excellent for Satellite Positioners, Solar Panel Tracking, Agricultural Machinery Positioning, and more.
Click here to Download the Schaevitz AccuStar® Electric Clinometer Datasheet
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