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Mitutoyo 2017 Fall Promotion at CDI

Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2017 at CDI
Take advantage of the CDI / Mitutoyo 2017 Fall Promotion where you will find the following part numbers In-Stock and the Price Reduced making this a super deal! If you have any questions on the Mitutoyo part numbers or products below, please don’t hesitate to email or call 303-357-2730.
Mitutoyo Micrometers
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
293-180-30 293-185-30 293-186-30
293-330-30 293-331-30 293-340-30
293-344-30 293-348-30 293-349-30
293-341-30 293-345-30 293-130
331-361-30 395-371-30 395-351-30
342-361-30 317-351-30 395-363-30
Mitutoyo Calipers
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
500-785 500-752-20 500-753-20 500-754-10 500-762-20
500-763-20 500-764-10 500-195-30 500-196-30 500-197-30
500-193 500-170-30 500-171-30 500-172-30 500-173
500-506-10 505-742 505-740 505-743 505-746
505-749 573-701-20 550-311-20    
Mitutoyo Digital Indicators
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
543-792 543-796 543-793 543-783
543-792B 543-796B 543-793B 543-783B
543-791 543-782B 543-402B 543-476B
543-496B 543-392 543-392B 543-472B
543-492B 543-562A 543-552A 543-558A
575-123 543-342B 543-302 543-302B
Mitutoyo Bore Gage
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer from Mitutoyo
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
Mitutoyo Height Gage
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
Digimatic Scales
Fall Promo Part #’s Available at CDI Include:
About Mitutoyo
CDI is an authorized distributor for Mitutoyo. Mitutoyo offers laser scan micrometers, surface roughness testers, digital indicators, and other various measurement tools including digital and dial indicators. These products are used for precision measuring and are widely used in the aerospace, automotive and medical markets. Mitutoyo has been producing micrometers since 1937 and is a world leader in metrology.
About Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
CDI’s Precision Measurement product lineup offers hand tools to customized solutions from your part print. Please review our carefully selected lineup of professional Gaging, Metrology, and Position Feedback products. We look forward to assisting with all of your measuring needs.
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