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Macro Sensors LVDTs and Position Sensing from TE Connectivity

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Macro Sensor LVDT’s cover a wide range of applications, including harsh environment projects, Macro Sensors’ PR 750 Series of 3/4″ (19 mm) diameter AC-Operated LVDTs are general purpose contactless linear position sensors for both OEM applications and end user requirements. • Machine tool positioners
• Materials testing
• Extensometers
• Hydraulic cylinder position
• Valve position sensing
• Automatic assembly equipment
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Robust Spring Loaded AC and DC Gage Heads for the toughest environments. These rugged hermetically sealed sensors are constructed entirely of stainless steel and intended for general industrial use. The coil windings are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68. • Industrial gaging systems
• Fabricated metal products gaging
• Materials testing apparatus
• Large shaft TIR measurements
Rotary Displacement Sensors
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Contactless, fractional-turn, absolute output rotary position sensors are ideal for measuring the position of quarter-turn valves, flue dampers, weir gates, mail sorters, conveyor check weighing systems, dancer arm tensioners, and a myriad of other applications involving fractional-turn shaft movements. • Quarter-turn valves
• Mail sorter gates
• Flue dampers
• Throttle position
• Dancer arm tensioning
• Fuel rack position
Rotary Displacement Sensors
World’s Best Signal Conditioners
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The EAZY-CAL™ LVC-4500 is a standalone ratiometric signal conditioner, measuring the voltage difference divided by the sum (Va-Vb)/(Va+Vb), supporting AC LVDTs and RVDTs with a constant sum of secondary voltages, (Va+Vb). Ratiometric signal conditioning minimizes the thermal error. • Push-button or RS-485 command auto-calibration
• Analog voltage or current loop output
• Digital RS-485 interface
• Supports standard AC LVDTs
• RVDTs, and VR half-bridge sensors
• Master/slave excitation synchronization
• DIN-rail mountable
• Color-coded terminal blocks
Worldظ€آs Best Signal Conditioners
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