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Component Distributors, Inc. is Excited to Serve as a Franchised Distribution Partner for Linx Technologies in North America     Linx Technologies a Merlin, OR based developer and manufacturer of antennas is pleased to announce that Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is the newest distributor of Linx solutions. Focused on RF, Microwave, and wireless solutions, CDI delivers technical solutions that are easy to find and easy to buy, providing customers and supplier partners with design services, web commerce enablement and flexible supply chain solutions. “We’re very excited to welcome CDI asRead More
MINMAX POWER SOLUTIONS 1-75W DC-DC Converters and AC-DC Power Supplies   Our General Industrial DC-DC Converters are used in every corner of modern equipment & systems about everywhere. We offer different electrical specifications and create competitive advantage performance and cost effective to meet your critical design. Ultra-high Isolation family equipped with very high common mode transient immunity with 15KV/μs qualifies and I/O isolation 4000 to 5000VAC with reinforced insulation, rated for 1000Vrms working voltage. The Medical Grade DC-DC Converters & AC-DC Power Supplies for demanding applications in both medical andRead More
CDI Offers Competitively Priced Amphenol LTW High-End Waterproof Connectors Amphenol LTW offers a comprehensive line of high-end waterproof connectors for rugged and harsh environment applications, rated from IP65 to IP69K. These include solutions not only for industrial applications but also for consumer outdoor applications, such as portable and wearable devices that require a Micro-USB 2.0 connection rated IP68. *Quantity as of 9/17/18 M Series Sensor Connectors Part Number: Description: *Qty In Stock: 12-08BMMA-SL8001 M12 CONN ASSY SCREW 8PIN M CONN M PIN 74 12D-04BMMA-SL8001 M12 D CODE ASSY SCREW 4PINRead More

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Xicato GalaXi™ Intelligent Bluetooth Lighting Control

Xicato GalaXi™ Intelligent Bluetooth Lighting Control Introducing Xicato GalaXi™     Changing the Controls Equation Xicato has built its reputation on solving the most difficult lighting challenges. First, it was color consistency, both initial and over lifetime. Then, it was color quality, with the Artist Series. Next, it was deep, smooth, flicker-free dimming, with the Xicato Intelligent Module. Now, Xicato is reducing the cost and complexity of controls with our GalaXi™ portfolio of open standard Bluetooth wireless control products. GalaXi enables worry-free, hassle-free, and economical lighting control, with no compromiseRead More
Surge Protection for LED Lighting Tech Tip #1 from ABLE Power Products   Selection Criteria SAFETY – an important consideration in the selection of an LED Surge Protector The Problem – metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) are the primary component for protecting sensitive electronics from damaging overvoltage transients or surges. For normal operating conditions, the MOV absorbs random short duration transient currents, transforming the energy into heat. Over time the MOV breaks down and can no longer effectively dissipate the heat forcing the component to rupture and initiate a short circuit conditionRead More
New Product Announcement: Skyworks Announces Family of FEMs for LPWAN IoT and Industrial Applications   Skyworks’ newest family of compact, high performance RF front-end modules (FEMs) is specifically designed for LPWAN – supporting LoRa®, SigFox and other unlicensed band technologies – as well as high-power Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) applications operating in the 860-930 MHz frequency range. These new solutions deliver improved sensitivity and more than quadruple the operating range versus a standalone system-on-chip (SoC). They also occupy minimal board space and consume low power, making them ideal for IoTRead More

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TE Connectivity, Model 64X Accelerometer

TE Connectivity, Model 64X Accelerometer Next Generation Crash Accelerometer Advanced Piezoresistive MEMS Sensor   TE Connectivity introduces the Model 64X, the most advanced accelerometer ever released for anthropomorphic dummy instrumentation. The accelerometer features a full bridge output configuration with an advanced damping for excellent shock survivability and flat frequency response to 7kHz. The model 64X accelerometer has a standard cross-talk accuracy of <2%, a standard ZMO of <±20mV and a linearity accuracy specification of <±0.70%. The model 64X accelerometer is offered in ranges from ±200 to ±2000g and has distinctRead More
Come Talk to Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel, Oculus, and TDK about your Development Needs     Only 10 days left for you to sign up and discuss all of your Sensor Development needs! Come personally meet leaders in the industry, and have your questions answered and find out where the future of sensor development is heading at the 2018 TDK Developers Conference.   The 2018 TDK Developers Conference registration website is now open! This year’s conference will inspire Developers/Engineers/Partners/Customers with “TDK’s Portfolio of Solutions” bringing together market leaders, executives, senior engineers,Read More
EOL Notification for MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255   PCN Notification Date Aug 17, 2018 Subject EOL notice for MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255. Products Affected MPU-9250, EV_MPU-9250, FF_MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255, SB_10_Demo Reason For Change As part of TDK’s on-going product lifecycle management process, the MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, and MPU-9255 will be discontinued. There are 3rd party components on these chips that have been obsoleted. Please contact your local Sales office for alternative options. Description of Change Product discontinuance notice for MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255. Impact of Change Due to the discontinuance of 3rd party components,Read More
Take a Total Solution Approach to Metrology and Data Collection with TruPosition Products at CDI CDI Precision Measurement and TruPosition have combined efforts to offer a total solution approach to metrology and data collection. Never has gathering variable data on a hole location been so simple. TruPosition Probes Digital TruPosition Probes can be used for multiple hole-location checks with a single probe. Dual LCD displays are integrated directly into the handle. Some models have wireless data transfer capability, and some are LVDT probes. We also have 3rd Axis Probes, compatibleRead More