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Posted On July 20, 2017By Component Distributors Inc.In CML, Ewave, RF-Microwave

CDI Announces Availability of a Dual Low-Power VCO/PLL IC

CDI Announces Availability of a Dual Low-Power VCO/PLL IC   CML Microcircuits has announced their new dual VCO/PLL IC, the CMX979. Featuring wide operating frequencies combined with low power, this device is ideal for any single- or dual-heterodyne receiver in the L and S band range. The RF Synthesizer/PLL is a fractional-N type, and covers 2.7 to 3.6 GHz. Additionally, there is a selectable frequency divider with 1/2/4/6/8 options. The total frequency range is therefore 338 MHz to 3.6 GHz. It also includes configurable current versus lock timing optimization forRead More

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Introducing CMX901QT8 a New High-Gain 3-Stage Power Amplifier

Introducing CMX901QT8 a New High-Gain 3-Stage Power Amplifier Component Distributors Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a new high-gain power amplifier that can operate between 130 MHz and 950 MHz. The CMX901QT8 is a 3-stage device that offers 40 dB of gain with an output power of 2.5 Watts at the lower frequencies and 1.5 Watts at the highest frequencies. It can be operated using a supply voltage range of 2 to 6 Volts, and is housed in a small 5×5 mm plastic QFN package. CDI currently hasRead More
New Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Product from CML Microcircuits – Available at CDI New! CMX7341 PMR/LMR Common Platform Processor – Now Available with DMR!   With the transition to narrowband systems and the need to support digital systems, the professional two-way radio market has become a complex puzzle for companies to solve. The CMX7241/7341 PMR common processor product line from CML Microcircuits helps companies to address this challenge. It can deliver both FDMA and TDMA digital radios, as well as legacy analog systems with a singe chipset. Using the CMX7341Read More
CML Microcircuits New Direct Conversion Receiver ICs CMX994A and CMX994E Available at CDI   CML Microcircuits and CDI are pleased to announce the release of two new Direct Conversion Receiver ICs. Direct Conversion (DCRx) from RF to zero-IF, near zero-IF and low-IF. CMX994A – Low power DCRx with PowerTrade™ CMX994E – High performance DCRx with PowerTrade™ The CMX994A and the CMX994E ICs build on the success of the popular CMX994 and introduces CML’s PowerTrade™ technology. PowerTrade™ enables the devices to dynamically balance power consumption and performance characteristics to suit varyingRead More

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CML Microcircuits CMX7164 Multi-mode Wireless Data Modem at CDI

CML Microcircuits CMX7164 Multi-mode Wireless Data Modem The CMX7164 Multi-mode Wireless Data Modem is a half-duplex device supporting V.23, GMSK/GFSK, 2-FSK (2-Level FSK), 4-FSK (4-Level FSK), 8-FSK (8-Level FSK), 16- FSK (16-level FSK), 4 QAM, 16 QAM and 64 QAM operating modes, configurable for multiple channel spacings via host control. Robust flexible packet data structures including forward error correction and raw data modes are available, supporting user requirements covering a wide range of applications. An integrated analog interface supports direct connection to zero IF I/Q radio transceivers with few externalRead More
CML Microcircuits Analog Front End (AFE) for Digital Radio Available at CDI   CML Microcircuits and CDI are pleased to announce the release of an Analog Front End (AFE) for digital radios. The CMX983 is an Analog Front End (AFE) IC that bridges the gap between a digital radio’s RF section and the DSP/FGPA. Specifically designed to meet the needs of a Software Defined Radio (SDR), the CMX983 performs critical low-level DSP functions and provides dual channel Analog to Digital (A/D) and Digital to Analog (D/A) conversion functions. The CMX983Read More
  CMX7161 TDMA Digital Radio Processor from CML Available at CDI CDI announces the CMX7161 FI-1.x, a half-duplex digital radio modem intended for use in two-slot TDMA systems such as the ETSI TS 102 361 standard for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). It uses root-raised-cosine (alpha 0.2) 4-FSK modulation in a 12.5kHz channel. Slot timing and synchronization are handled automatically by the device.An integrated analogue interface supports connection to a direct conversion receiver such as the CML CMX994 and two-point modulation transmitter with few external components; no external codecs are required.Read More

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New CMX972 Quadrature Modulator Released

Quadrature Demodulator with IF PLL VCO CMX972 – RF Building Block CDI announces the new CML Microcircuits CMX972. The CMX972 features a low-power IF/RF Quadrature Demodulator with PLL/VCO, a wide operating frequency range and optimised power consumption. The demodulator is suitable for superheterodyne architectures with IF frequencies up to 300MHz and the device may be used in low IF systems or in those converting down to baseband. An on-chip PLL and VCO, together with uncommitted baseband differential amplifiers, provide additional flexibility. Control of the CMX972 is by serial bus. TheRead More
CML Microcircuits has recently announced enhancements to the already excellent CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver IC. If you are designing a receiver for carrier frequencies below 1 GHz, the CMX994 is well worth a closer look. The CMX994 integrates the following: Low Noise Amplifier High IIP2 I/Q Demodulator DC offset trimming Variable-Gain Amplifier Configurable IF filters RX LO frequency divider TX LO frequency divider Simple 3-wire control interface The CMX994 consumes only 218mW @ 3.3V for all functions and only 136mW @ 3.3V for its demodulator stage alone. The high IIP2Read More