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Evolution to 5G Microwave Products Catalog from Knowles Capacitors (Dielectric Laboratories)   This year Knowles is excited to add components specific to 5G applications to its list of catalog part offerings. These components are solder surface mount compatible and offer extremely reliable and repeatable RF performance in a small package. Target frequency from 22-40GHz, offering bandpass filters, 2-way & 4-way power dividers, 3dB & directional couplers, and ultra-broadband (DC-40GHz) resistive couplers. The DLI brand specializes in high frequency passive devices offering temperature stability and small size without compromising performance. ClickRead More
Overcoming Gain Slope Issues In Microwave Modules If you are a microwave hardware engineer, you most likely have had a few sobering experiences when testing your new design the first time. This is particularly true for wideband high frequency modules – they almost never look like the model. Many of the bigger issues come down to physics. Broadband modules (2 to 18 GHz) virtually always have gain roll-off at the high end of the band. This is due to a combination of factors: transistor and package parasitic inductors (L) andRead More
Dielectric Laboratories, Inc. Is A PROUD RECIPIENT OF THE 2012 silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award   Dielectric Laboratories Is Known For Ceramic Expertise, Manufacturing Know-How, Product Quality, Customer Service, Product Customization, And Clever Microwave And Rf Design Engineering That Sets Us Apart.   • High-Q Multi-Layer capacitors (MLC) • Single-Layer capacitors (SLC) • Resonators • Filters • Broadband DC blocks • Thin Film components • Custom ceramic components Click here to view the award.   For More Information: Visit Call CDI Toll-Free: 1-800-777-7334 Click here to download the CDIRead More