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MINMAX’s MDWI03 series is an excellent selection for data communication equipment, mobile battery driven equipment, distributed power system, telecommunication equipment, mixed analog/digital subsystem, process/machine control equipment, computer peripheral equipment and industrial robot system. MINMAX’s MDWI03 series power modules are in mini-DIP DC/DC converters and are Pin compatible with the MDW1000 series. The MDWI03 offers a power rating up to 3W and a typical full-load efficiency of 80%, continuous short circuit, remote on/off control, EN55022 Class A conducted noise compliance minimize design-in time, cost and eliminate the need for external filtering.Read More

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CDI Offers Gauging Stations by Solartron Metrology

CDI Now Offers SPC Gauging Stations by Solartron Metrology. Available 17" TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY, Orbit Gauge is a full-feature gauging station with simple to use software allowing bar columns, digital readouts, and vivid graphics. Rackable Electronics Fanless CPU Design 17” Resistive Touch Screen Quick Disconnect Base External Power Supply Composite Enclosure Optional Metal Upgrade Optional Solid State Drive Orbit Gauge allows you to simply plug in your Solartron Digital Probes with the USB module, and away you go to cost effective, simple to use SPC. Part # Description: 911395-US SIRead More
Untitled Document IN STOCK NOW AT CDI:   The PRO 360 and PRO 3600 are high performance, angle measurement tools with a One Year Limited Warranty, & CE Certification.   PRO 360 (Accuracy +/-0.1 degree) Was $209 On Sale through Dec. 31st Only $185 >> More Details   PRO 3600 w/ RS232 (Accuracy +/- 0.05 degree) Was:  $345 On Sale through Dec. 31st Only $299 >> More Details   FEATURES: These state-of-the-art, angle measurement tools have features such as "Hold" which lets you to store the last reading taken withRead More
MINMAX has released 24 models within the MA01 Series, offering numerous ranges for their latest 1W DC/DC Converter. These products provide a typical load regulation to 2.5% to 5.0%, are available in either single or dual output voltages, and either 5V, 12V, or 24VDC input. The MA01 DC/DC Converters are a compromise between a more expensive fully regulated converter and a non-regulated converter.   Additional Features High Efficiency up to 88.5% Standard SIP-7 Package I/O-isolation 1000VDC Semi-regulated Output Voltage Industry Standard Pinout 3 year product warranty Certificates: UL / IECRead More
  Stop by and visit Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) at the Quality Expo conference September 20-22, 2011 at McCormick Place North, Chicago, IL. Booth #206. Click here to register for FREE admission online and use promo code XG.     Quality Expo is the leading quality show and conference that provides hands-on access to the newest tools and broadest array of technologies. CDI will be showcasing the latest and greatest products from our top Sensing, Measurement, & Control manufacturers.   Stop By CDI’s Booth #206 to view MicroRidge product demos.Read More

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Skyworks Solutions Featured RF Switches

Component Distributors Announces Skyworks Solutions Select Group of Radio Frequency (RF) Switches. Available NOW through www.CDIStore.com/Skyworks Stocked with a diverse switch offering and ready for immediate design into various markets including handsets, infrastructure, automotive, CATV / Satcom, smart energy, medical, military, RFID, test and measurement, and WLAN / WiMAX / WiFi. Skyworks Solutions select switches portfolio includes the most popular, broad-market SPST, SPDT, SP3T, SP4T and DPDT products readily available to ship from stock. These devices provide excellent performance and value while utilizing Skyworks’ proven technology for high reliability. TheRead More
Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of Sumitomo Device Innovations USA GaN-HEMT Transistors that now operate up to 180W in power! GaN-HEMT Transistor Advantages Include:         High Efficiency Ease of Matching Broadband Consistency Higher Gain   GaN-HEMT Products: Up To 180W in Power! Part Number Frequency (GHz)   EGNB060M1A 2.7 EGNB090M1A 2.2 EGNB070MK 0.9 EGNB090MK 0.9 EGNB180M1A 0.9   Current GaN-HEMT Products: 10W Up To 45W in Power Part Number Frequency (GHz)   EGNB010MK 3.5 EGNB030MK 2.7 EGNB045MK 2.2Read More
MINMAX recently launched an ultra-compact AC/DC 4W Power Module. The ABF-04 Series is a fully encapsulated module with solder pins for PCB mounting. Featuring a universal input of 85-264VAC (47-440Hz), the ABF Series has been designed eco friendly, complying with Energy Star and EuP Directives. Furthermore it has obtain safety appoval to cUL/UL/IEC/EN 60950-1.  The ABF Series with their International safety approvals, qualify these power modules for applications in products within the worldwide markets. It is a cost effective solution for many space critical applications in both commercial and industrialRead More

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Mean Well Launches HLG-320H LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL has launched a new generation of high efficiency metal case LED power supplies to fulfill the demands of high wattage LED lighting applications, the 320W models~HLG-320H series. The HLG-320H series not only fit for general 115VAC or 230VAC main input, but also can be operated under 277VAC input in North America. With up-to date LLC topology and synchronous rectifier technology, HLG-320H possesses up to 95% of extremely high efficiency, so it can be cooled by free air convection from -40℃ to +70℃ ambient temperature that meets the requirementsRead More

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Mean Well Launches APV/APC-12/16 Series

MEAN WELL launches another 12W and 16W economical LED power supply with rectangular plastic enclosure~ the APV/APC 12/16 Series. These new models mainly target lower wattage applications such as indoor LED lighting, LED electric display, and decorative lighting which have space limitations for the power supply. The AP series have price competitiveness to fulfill all kinds of economical applications! To comply with various system designs, they are offered in two modes: APV Series which features constant voltage design (C.V. mode) and the APC Series which features constant current design (C.C.Read More