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NTC Inrush Current Limiters Thermometrics Thermistors The purpose of limiting inrush current is to prevent components in series with the input to the DC/DC converter from being damaged. Typically, inrush protection prevents nuisance damage to fuses or tripping of breakers as well as welding of switch contacts. Click here to view this product at CDI.   Features: Low cost, solid state device for limiting inrush current UL Approved Best-in-class capacitance ratings Low steady resistance and accompanying power loss Excellent mechanical strength Operating temperature range: -50°C to 175°C PCB through-hole mountableRead More
“MA100” Series – NTC Thermistors for Healthcare Biomedical Chip Thermistor assemblies are designed for use in applications involving both intermittent and continuous patient temperature monitoring. Temperature monitoring for skin surface, tympanic, esophageal, foley catheters and biofeedback applications has also improved due to the high stability and tight interchangeable tolerances designed into each Thermometrics’ Biomedical assembly. Applications: Esophageal Stethoscope (EST) Sensors Skin Sensors Disposable Cordset Sensors Urinary Foley Catheters Neonatal Incubator Sensors Key Features: 400 Series Compatible Standard Curves Available Interchangeability/accuracy from ±0.05°C to 0.15°C Small Size ➟ Fast Response 0Read More
CL Series In-Rush Current Protection Thermistor Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) has a large selection of CL Series of thermistors available. The NTC CL Series family of thermistors is ideally suited for control of the inrush current in switching power supplies, fluorescent lamp, inverters, motors, and more. This low cost, solid state device has several great features such as: Excellent mechanical strength Wide operating temperature range: -58F to 347F (-50C to 175C) Suitable for PCB mounting Available as a standard with kinked or straight leads and on tape and reel toRead More
In many applications it’s difficult or simply not feasible to monitor the actual fluid temperature in a closed system. This is especially true in after-market process control. The next best way to measure the temperature is by monitoring the temperature of the pipe in which the media is flowing. This is especially true in applications such as: gas boiler control, domestic water systems, air conditioners, radiator inlet-outlet, electric showers, vending machines, chiller and refrigeration units to name a few. Thermometrics/Amphenol has introduced the NTC Type JC Clip-On Pipe and SurfaceRead More
The problem of current surges in switch-mode power supplies is caused by the large filter capacitors used to smooth the ripple in the rectified 60 Hz current prior to being chopped at a high frequency.Read More