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Posted On November 17, 2014By Power Products at CDIIn Ewave, Mean Well USA, Power Electronics

MEAN WELL LPV-150 Series LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL LPV-150 Series LED Power Supply Mean Well introduces the LPV-150 series constant voltage, low cost LED switching power supply. The LPV-150 series accepts 180~305VAC input and provides an economical plastic enclosure. The LPV-150 series provides the most commonly used DC output voltages of 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V and 48V. Applications: indoor and outdoor LED signage LED decorative lighting building wall wash lighting LED strips and other luminaries involving constant voltage LED driving applications Features: 180~305VAC input range 90% high efficiency Fanless design, cooling by free air convection WorkingRead More
MEAN WELL RST-5000 Series 5000W Single Output Power Supply Mean Well’s RST-5000 series compliments a broad high power offering from 1000-3000W. This 5000W unit has built-in active PFC, wide range 3-phase AC input and 24 & 48 VDC outputs commonly used in industrial applications. The RST-5000 design enables wide range adjustments for output voltage and output current. The output voltage can be trimmed between 20~120% of the rated voltage by 1~6VDC external control signal and the output current can be trimmed between 20~100% of the rated current by 1~5VDC externalRead More
MEAN WELL GSM90B Series 90W High Performance Medical Adaptor Mean Well announces the GSM90B series, the high performance 90W desktop type medical adaptor. The entire series is certified third edition IEC60601-1 and designed for 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection). Additionally, with ultra low leakage current less than 100µA, high efficiency up to 91% and low no load power consumption less than 0.15W, the GSM90B provides the high quality and safety required for patient contact medical power supplies. The GSM90B also complies with the latest energy-saving regulations. Mean WellRead More
MEAN WELL HLG-600H Series 600W High Performance LED Power Supply with PFC MEAN WELL’s HLG-600H series of LED power supplies reaches 600W. In order to fulfill the demand for higher wattage power supplies for larger scale fixtures in the LED luminaire market, MEAN WELL announces the new 600W HLG-600H series. Like all of the current HLG series from 40W to 320W, this series accepts 90~305VAC input and provides nine models with different nominal DC output voltages between 12V and 54V commonly used in LED lighting applications. With the aluminum caseRead More
Mean-Well-Medical-Power-Solutions Mean Well Power Products Technical Inquiry Toll-Free: (800) 777-7334 Mean Well Medical Power Supply Solutions Available at CDI Mean Well medical grade power supplies feature low leakage current that comply with international medical safety regulations such as UL, CUL, or TUV. Mean Well offers medical grade power solutions ranging from 5W to 600W, with single output or multiple outputs with numerous voltage combinations in various form factors. Desktop Adapter Encapsulated Board Mount Module Open Frame Enclosed With Fan Need a Custom Solution?   If Mean Well standard products cannot satisfyRead More
MEAN WELL ISI-501 Series Off-Grid True Sine Wave Solar Inverter   MEAN WELL introduces ISI-501 series 500W DC/AC true sine wave solar charger with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). This off-grid solar inverter can be constructed as an energy-saving power station with the addition of external lead-acid batteries and solar panels. Through the built-in MPPT solar charger, "free energy" from the sun can be stored into the battery bank by solar panels and then transformed to AC output via its inverter stage, which can conserve the energy consumption. MEAN WELL’sRead More
MEAN WELL Offers the New PLM-12 and PLM-25 LED Driver Series   MEAN WELL expands the PLM Series to include 12 and 25W low cost LED Drivers. A compliment to the PLM-40 Series 40W Drivers, the PLM-12 and PLM-25 series from MEAN WELL provide low power LED driver solutions in a Class II PFC device with full range input and 4 industry standard constant current outputs. MEAN WELL’s PLM series offers high efficiency up to 87%, -30 to +50C operating temperature, and convenient screw-less clamp style terminal blocks. Applications forRead More
New MEAN WELL 90W IP67 OWA-90U Series External LED Power Supply   MEAN WELL introduces the innovative OWA-90U series External LED power supply for the LED Lighting Market in North America. The OWA-90U is a Class II LED Power supply with 90-264VAC input, standard 2 prong US type plug, and offers 9 output voltage choices form 12-54VDC. The MEAN WELL OWA-90U has built in PFC, high efficiency up to 91%, both C.C. and C.V. operation and has a low no load power consumption below 0.15W. MEAN WELL’s OWA-90U series providesRead More
In response to the medical market requiring reliable high wattage power supplies, MEAN WELL further introduced the 450W AC/DC medical enclosed type power supply~MSP-450 series. Along with the launched products of MSP-100 (100W), MSP-200 (200W), and MSP-300 (300W), MEAN WELL currently offers a MSP series ranging from 100W to 450W diversified wattages for users’ selections. The MSP-450 series available at CDI comply with international medical safety regulations (MOOP level) and EMI Class B level.The MSP-450 series features low leakage current (≦300μA at 264VAC) and can fulfill the high quality demandsRead More
A new generation of MEAN WELL AC/DC miniature encapsulated type power supplies! IRM-05 IRM-10 IRM-15 IRM-20 • No load power consumption < 0.1W • Extremely miniature size • 85~264VAC full range input • Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage • Cooling by free air convection • -30~+70oC of working temperature • Isolation class II • Withstand 5G vibration test • Certificates: UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE • Dimension(LxWxH):IRM-05/10: 45.7×25.4×21.5mmIRM-15/20: 52.4×27.2x24mm • 3 years warranty In response to the energy-saving and miniature requirement for electronicRead More