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In response to the medical market requiring reliable high wattage power supplies, MEAN WELL further introduced the 450W AC/DC medical enclosed type power supply~MSP-450 series. Along with the launched products of MSP-100 (100W), MSP-200 (200W), and MSP-300 (300W), MEAN WELL currently offers a MSP series ranging from 100W to 450W diversified wattages for users’ selections. The MSP-450 series available at CDI comply with international medical safety regulations (MOOP level) and EMI Class B level.The MSP-450 series features low leakage current (≦300μA at 264VAC) and can fulfill the high quality demandsRead More
A new generation of MEAN WELL AC/DC miniature encapsulated type power supplies! IRM-05 IRM-10 IRM-15 IRM-20 • No load power consumption < 0.1W • Extremely miniature size • 85~264VAC full range input • Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage • Cooling by free air convection • -30~+70oC of working temperature • Isolation class II • Withstand 5G vibration test • Certificates: UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE • Dimension(LxWxH):IRM-05/10: 45.7×25.4×21.5mmIRM-15/20: 52.4×27.2x24mm • 3 years warranty In response to the energy-saving and miniature requirement for electronicRead More
Mean Well Industrial AC/DC Power Supplies Mean Well’s high efficiency enclosed power supplies offer high quality performance at the most competitive cost available. Mean Well USA offers one of the largest selections of power supplies including AC/DC Power, LED Power, Medical Approved Power, Industrial Power, Power Adapters, and more. Mean Well RS Series S/B Low Enclosed Power Supply Miniature size, non-PFC High reliability, 5G vibration, 70°C operation 300VAC input surge, all using 105°C capacitors Suitable for critical applications RS-15, RS-25, RS-35, RS-50, RS-75, RS-100 Mean Well RSP Series Medium-High PowerRead More
Mean Well has introduced a new generation of power supplies with a “Green Concept” the EPS-45/65 Series. These high efficient 45W and 65W open frame PCB power supplies, build upon the success of the PS-45/65 Series. The new EPS Series have improved the models to have extremely low “no load power consumption” (below 0.3W). Component Distributors, Inc (CDI) will be selling the EPS-45/65 Series, which also boast a compact 4″ x 2″ PCB size.  Featuring a 3 year warranty, the EPS-45/65 Series also has up-to-date high efficiency circuit design, possessingRead More

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MSP-300: The First Enclosed Medical AC/DC Power

Mean Well has introduced the first medical enclosed AC/DC power supply, in response to the demands of the high reliability power supply needed in the medical market. Component Distributors, Inc (CDI) will be selling the MSP-300 series, the first enclosed power supply in the rapidly growing medical market.  Featuring a 5 year warranty, the MSP-300 series complies with the international medical safety regulation (MOOP level) and characterized by its low leakage current (≦300μA at 264VAC), these are suitable for “non-patient contact.” Also featuring high efficiency (up to 89%), 1U lowRead More

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Mean Well Releases HSG-70 Series

Mean Well recently launched another rectangular shaped metal case LED power unit after to follow in the success of similar units. The new 70W LED Power Supply has a wider and shorter metal enclosure, the HSG-70, which fulfills the demands of length limited application/installations. The I/O connection of these has been changed to the feature the input and output on the same side, which allows the system designer a flexible wiring installation. Additional Features: Wide range input 90~305 VAC Output current adjustable by internal potentiometer 90% high efficiency Cooling byRead More

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Mean Well LED Moving Sign Power Supply

Mean Well recently introduced the HDP 190/240 series in response to the global trend of energy-saving concerns, a high efficiency power supply for LED moving sign manufacturers. The enclosed supplies have an active PFC function and low voltage dual output. They have been designed to drive the RGB (red, green, and blue colors) LED chips by 3.8V/2.8V outputs. Applications for these new supplies include: LED electric display, moving sign, LED TV wall, and LED channel letter related applications. Additional Features:  1U low profile (36mm) Universal AC input 90~264VAC Output voltageRead More

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Mean Well Introduces LDV-185 Series

Mean Well recently introduced the first 185W AC/DC multiple channel constant current output LED power supply. The LDV-185 series is available from Component Distributors, Inc (CDI). These new LED power supplies are actually built-in DC/DC constant current LED driver ICs, which helps ensure the balance of output current from each channel prolonging the lifetime of LEDs and reduces the EMI interference of the lighting system. Additional Features:  180~295 VAC Input Range Aluminum case and potted by glue, comply with IP67 Built-in active PFC function High ambient temperature auto-dimming function Protections:Read More

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Mean Well Launches HLG-320H LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL has launched a new generation of high efficiency metal case LED power supplies to fulfill the demands of high wattage LED lighting applications, the 320W models~HLG-320H series. The HLG-320H series not only fit for general 115VAC or 230VAC main input, but also can be operated under 277VAC input in North America. With up-to date LLC topology and synchronous rectifier technology, HLG-320H possesses up to 95% of extremely high efficiency, so it can be cooled by free air convection from -40℃ to +70℃ ambient temperature that meets the requirementsRead More

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Mean Well Launches APV/APC-12/16 Series

MEAN WELL launches another 12W and 16W economical LED power supply with rectangular plastic enclosure~ the APV/APC 12/16 Series. These new models mainly target lower wattage applications such as indoor LED lighting, LED electric display, and decorative lighting which have space limitations for the power supply. The AP series have price competitiveness to fulfill all kinds of economical applications! To comply with various system designs, they are offered in two modes: APV Series which features constant voltage design (C.V. mode) and the APC Series which features constant current design (C.C.Read More