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LED Coolers from MechaTronix – Now Available at CDI     Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is proud to announce the addition of MechaTronix to its growing LED product portfolio. MechaTronix offers a complete range of both passive and active LED coolers for a variety of high bay, downlight, streetlight and spotlight applications. These Zhaga-ready heat sinks have a matrix of mounting holes for easy attachment of most LED COBs. Simply apply a thermal interface of your choice (or have MechaTronix screen it on), put the COB in place and fastenRead More
NEW MEAN WELL LRS Series The New Generation of Industrial Standard Power Supplies Available at CDI MEAN WELL officially launches the new LRS Series enclosed type AC/DC power supply with a power range from 35-350W. This new product line utilizes advanced circuitry design that enables low component count and simplifies production automation. This creates a very cost competitive high quality AC/DC power supply that has become MEAN WELL’s trademark in the power supply industry. The LRS Series is available from stock for immediate delivery at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI). CDIRead More
  LEDiL has released a new family of standard optic modules for the 90 x 90 mm 2X2MX footprint. This new platform is designed for the super high power LEDs from a range of manufacturers and includes an integrated silicone gasket for ingress protection up to IP67. Download Datasheet, Download Application Example Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) now carries the CS14632_STRADA-2X2MX-DWC street lighting module from this family, featuring the next generation universal DWC beam with more controlled beam shape and improved backlight at 94% efficiency (typical). Click here to request yourRead More
  LEDiL offers a standard product range of over 3,500 innovative and cost-effective optical solutions, including lenses and reflectors with superior optic performance and durability. LEDiL’s high quality optics provide better light efficiency, driving lower costs per fixture with fewer LEDs and/or less energy consumption. CDI distributes LEDiL products across the Americas, including the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Products are available for immediate delivery from CDI’s website by visiting: www.cdiweb.com/ledil   About LEDil With design expertise in Finland and production facilities in Europe and China, LEDiL is the leadingRead More

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Precision Inc. – LLC Resonant Converters & Plumbing?

LLC Resonant Converters & Plumbing? Comparing electrical systems to plumbing is nothing new. Sure, one flows through closed circuits while the other flows out of faucets, but they are similar in a lot of ways. One of the similarities is the problems that can occur when a switch (or faucet) is closed abruptly. In poorly designed plumbing systems the sudden rise in pressure when a faucet is closed can cause a loud thump and eventually even damage the system. It’s called “water hammer,” and on a very small scale it’sRead More
LEDiL – The Best LED Optics in the World – Now Available from CDI   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is proud to announce the addition of LEDiL to its growing LED product portfolio. LEDiL offers a wide range of innovative LED optics, including lenses and reflectors with superior optic performance and durability. Single Lenses Reflectors Street Lighting Specialty Products Relationships with top LED manufacturers allow LEDiL to release products alongside the newest LEDs, enabling customers to rapidly develop and deploy new fixtures with the latest technology. LEDiL’s high quality opticsRead More
  MINMAX Power New MJW25 and MJWI25 Series DC-DC Converters   The MINMAX MJW25 and MJWI25 series are the latest generation of MINMAX 1"x1" converters. With a total output power of 25W, they are the highest power 1"x1" encapsulated DC-DC converters in the industry. State-of-the-art circuit topology provides a very high efficiency of up to 90% which allows for an operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. These converters are qualified for demanding applications in battery operated equipment, instrumentation, data communication, industrial and many other space critical applications.   MJW25Read More
  CDI Is Proud To Announce The Addition Of Citizen Electronics To Its Growing LED Product Portfolio   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is proud to announce the addition of Citizen Electronics to its growing LED product portfolio. Citizen Electronics produces COB and SMD LEDs with superior brightness and efficacy for general lighting applications. Citizen’s product portfolio covers a wide variety of options to fit each need from 70 CRI to 97 CRI, including downlights, high bay, spotlights, streetlights and more. Leading Citizen’s portfolio is its newest VERSION 4 series ofRead More
GaN-Ready Magnetics Provide Optimized Performance In Next Generation Power Conversion Designs GaN-ready LLC transformers and PFC inductors are available for a broad range of applications including power factor correction, motor drives, power supplies and medical equipment. For example, GaN switches provide an impressive number of key benefits to medical equipment design engineers that are concerned with their equipment size, power losses and patient connect protection. The important features are: • Significant reductions in system volume, weight and size • Higher operating temperatures / reduced heat sink requirements • Lower switchingRead More

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ROAL Electronics – New LED and Digital Power Catalogs

ROAL Electronics New LED and Digital Power Catalogs Click here to download Click here to download About Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) CDI is a value added distributor of electronic components, specializing in power technologies for simple to complex system applications. CDI distributes globally and provides local customer service and application support across the Americas. Markets served include communications, computing, industrial, medical, military and consumer electronics. CDI is an authorized distributor across the Americas for ROAL Electronics power products. Product is available for immediate delivery through the ROAL/CDI web store: roal.cdistore.comRead More