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Precision Inc. – LLC Resonant Converters & Plumbing?

LLC Resonant Converters & Plumbing? Comparing electrical systems to plumbing is nothing new. Sure, one flows through closed circuits while the other flows out of faucets, but they are similar in a lot of ways. One of the similarities is the problems that can occur when a switch (or faucet) is closed abruptly. In poorly designed plumbing systems the sudden rise in pressure when a faucet is closed can cause a loud thump and eventually even damage the system. It’s called “water hammer,” and on a very small scale it’sRead More
GaN-Ready Magnetics Provide Optimized Performance In Next Generation Power Conversion Designs GaN-ready LLC transformers and PFC inductors are available for a broad range of applications including power factor correction, motor drives, power supplies and medical equipment. For example, GaN switches provide an impressive number of key benefits to medical equipment design engineers that are concerned with their equipment size, power losses and patient connect protection. The important features are: • Significant reductions in system volume, weight and size • Higher operating temperatures / reduced heat sink requirements • Lower switchingRead More
Industry Standard High-Current Inductors from Precision Incorporated Wide range of inductance values and current-handling capabilities Direct crosses to products from most major manufacturers Samples Available from Component Distributors, Inc. – Request Yours Today! Precision Inc. offers a line of industry standard high-current filter inductors for a variety of applications such as switching power supplies, amplifiers, regulators, RFI suppression, and filters. High-density inductor construction offers up to 33% real estate savings compared to round-wire alternatives. This also enables higher copper utilization, which reduces power losses up to 25% in the sameRead More

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New High Efficiency LLC Transformer at CDI

Precision’s New High Efficiency LLC Transformer Provides Up To 99% Efficiency And 50% Real Estate Saving CDI announces the global launch of Precision, Inc’s new LLC transformer which provides up to 99% efficiency and extremely low power loss. The technology combines two discrete components – a resonant inductor and transformer – into a single package reducing costs by as much as 75% and real estate up to 50%. LLC Transformer Applications: The Precision LLC transformer is ideally suited for use in converters for a wide range of efficiency-sensitive applications LEDRead More