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Mercury United Low Cost, Ultra-Low Noise Oscillators   Mercury United’s HJ Series is an ultra-low phase noise crystal clock oscillator, best suited for high-quality digital audio systems that require extremely low jitter master clocks for high time-resolution (sample rates, conversion accuracy) digital-to-analog converters (DACs). For 49.152MHz at 3.3V, the phase noise is -166 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset and -171 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset. RMS phase jitter RMS (12 KHz to 20 MHz) is amazingly low at 48 fsec.   Click Here to Download the HJ Series Datasheet Click HereRead More
FASTXO” Miniaturized 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm Package Any-Frequency SMD Quartz Oscillator   PZ-U Type miniaturized FASTXO series product provides wide frequency range from 1MHz to 200MHz and caters to the needs of various digital applications in the market. With superior product features, PZ-U Type is the best alternative solution to high-frequency XO products. Capable of providing any frequencies and fast delivery, PZ-U Type shortens time needed to obtain different frequency samples for test and verification during product development stage and enables customers to speed up time to mass productionRead More
New Product Announcement Skyworks Unveils Latest Frequency Synthesizer for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Market   Skyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY72310-11, a 50 MHz to 2.1 GHz fractional-N frequency synthesizer for high-performance Land Mobile Radio/Professional Mobile Radio (LMR/PMR) systems. This synthesizer is a key building block of a phase-locked loop (PLL), providing ultra-fine frequency resolution, low power consumption, and low phase-noise performance. Utilizing a configurable Delta Sigma architecture, the 10 or 18-bit modulator enables system designers to tradeoff step size, phase noise, and reference spurious performance. The SKY72310-11 isRead More
CDI Customer Notice: Hurricane Dorian Impact   NOTICE: Hurricane Dorian is currently projected to impact the central Florida Eastern Coastline as a Category 4 Hurricane on this weekend. CDI has a significant number of personnel located directly in the path of the storm. We are encouraging all employees to immediately prepare for the hurricane and/or evacuate as recommended by their local authorities. While we will shift other personnel to help cover for those under storm threat, CDI does anticipate that there will be some delays in responding to emails, phone calls,Read More

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RF Industries: Wires for Connecting Wireless Small Cells

Wires for Connecting Wireless Small Cells Connecting Small Cells with Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Wireless networks of the future will be characterized as “fiber with antennas hanging off of it” according to Kyle Malady, Verizon CTO. As wireless networks progress to the future with network densification and 5G, Small Cells will be an important element… Get Connected to 5G   Speed Deployment of Small Cells with RF Coax Cable Assemblies Small cell deployments to support 4G network densification in preparation for 5G are accelerating. Tens of thousands of small cellRead More
Skyworks Introduces New Front-end Modules for Bluetooth® IoT Applications   Skyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY66118-11 and the SKY66407-11, 2.4 GHz front-end modules (FEMs) for Bluetooth® Internet of Things (IoT) applications including smartwatches, trackers, connected home systems, wireless and gaming headsets and more. These low power solutions significantly improve range (more than 2X) when compared to standalone system-on-chip (SoC) implementations, and efficiently deliver more power to the antenna, thereby minimizing or potentially eliminating any required antenna matching network. The FEMs also integrate PA output matching, harmonic filtering, and bypassRead More
Are you ready to use today’s cutting edge technology? Mercury United has your Timing Solutions   Low Current Draw: The “HK” Series quartz crystal oscillator consumes only 0.7 mA ~ 5 mA of current when active and less than 2 µA when disabled (frequency & supply voltage dependent)   Low Supply Voltage: The “H” & “SWO” Series quartz crystal oscillators operate with a supply voltage as low as +1.0 V and consumes from 2 mA to 4 mA maximum of current, prolonging battery life   Ultra Low Phase Jitter: TheRead More

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How RF Industries is Building 5G Wireless Networks

How RF Industries is Building 5G Wireless Networks Wireless carriers are racing to capture customers and market share by providing 5G services and products. RF Industries provides custom “wires for wireless” to support network densification, Small Cell, DAS, Macro builds and enhancements… Small Cell Connectivity Solutions Wireless network densification to support deployment of 5G will require many small cell installations. RF Industries small cell connectivity solutions include a portfolio of copper, fiber, coax cable assemblies that are available in custom and standard lengths/configurations/terminations. Passive Components for DAS covers all PublicRead More

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TAITIEN FASTXO Low Noise Series SMD Crystal Oscillator

Taitien Releases “FASTXO” Miniaturized 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm Package Any-Frequency SMD Quartz Oscillator Features Typical 2.05 x 1.65 x 0.75 mm ceramic SMD package Operation supply voltage: 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V FASTXO series, Fast delivery at any frequency Tri-State Enable/Disable Frequency Stability ±25ppm over -40°C to 85°C Pb-free/RoHS compliant   Ambient Freq. Stability Operating Temp. Range (°C) [×10-6] ±25 ±50 Min. Max. -40 85 -40 105   Applications Product Categories Files Download • Consumer Electronics • Crystal Oscillator Datasheet • Industrial • FASTXO, Fast Delivery Crystal Oscillator Series ModelRead More

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KCB Solutions Hermetic Low Noise Amplifiers

KCB Solutions Hermetic Low Noise Amplifiers   KCB Solutions has added to our growing line of standard RF and Microwave products, including our family of low noise amplifiers which offer frequency of operation that is typically .02 to 8.0 GHz. While these featured LNAs are 3 mm sq. leadless packages, variants are available in a variety of leaded packages and each device is available in commercial, military and space grade. Featured Products: KA107 GaAs Low Noise Amplifier • Frequency: 1.3 to 3.0 GHz • High Gain: 20 dB typical @Read More