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Expanded, Standard GaAs FET Low Loss Switches from KCB Solutions Available at CDI   KCB Solutions continues the expansion of standard products, adding new Switches to our growing line of RF and Microwave products. These Switches are supplied in either leaded or leadless hermetic packages and are well suited for High Reliability application and harsh environments. Each product has successful passed requirements IAW MIL-PRF-38535 Class S and have well documented Space Heritage with TID radiation tolerance greater than 500K RAD. Product assets, documentation and fixturing are in place, reducing partRead More

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Skyworks Replacement Devices for Broadcom Diode Products

Skyworks Replacement Devices for Broadcom Diode Products   In December of 2017, Broadcom announced product end-of-life for hundreds of diode products, some of which were originally released by Hewlett Packard many years ago. Customers searching for replacement devices should consider the product portfolio offered by Skyworks Solutions. Skyworks’ diode product offering includes PIN, Limiter, Schottky, and Varactor Diodes for a wide variety of microwave applications including WLAN, infrastructure, handset, Satcom (LNB/DBS-CATV), automotive, military, aerospace and defense, test & measurement, metering, medical and RFID. Skyworks discrete silicon semiconductor products cover frequencyRead More
V Series Single Layer Capacitors at CDI from Knowles Capacitors (Dielectric Laboratories)   Component Distributors, Inc. announces a new series of high-performance Single-Layer Capacitors from Knowles Precision Electronics (Dielectric Laboratories). The V series of capacitor delivers unsurpassed performance in a 30 mil by 30 mil footprint. Used for both broadband DC blocking or RF bypassing, this cost-effective line of capacitors will help engineers solve their decoupling and noise filtering objectives. With industry-leading breakdown voltages, these devices will pair well with GaN based designs that require an elevated supply voltage. InRead More

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Visit Component Distributors, Inc. at IMS 2018 June 10-15 Booth #1161

Visit Component Distributors, Inc. at IMS 2018 June 10-15 Booth #1161   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) invites you to join us at the 2018 International Microwave Symposium in mid-June. CDI will be featuring products from our extensive line card of RF solutions and will be doing live demonstrations at our Booth #1161.   Amplifiers & ICs Oscillators & Timing KCB Solutions Inc. Mercury United Electronics Inc. Skyworks Solutions, Inc. MtronPTI Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA Taitien Connectors & Cables Passives & Materials Carlisle Interconnect Technologies ARC Technologies Insulated Wire KnowlesRead More
Gain Slope Issues in Microwave Modules?   Physical constraints for broadband operation If you are a microwave hardware engineer you most likely have had a few sobering experiences when you test your new design the first time, particularly wideband high frequency modules –they almost never look like the model. Many of the bigger issues come down to physics. Broadband modules e.g. 2 to 18 GHz virtually always have gain roll-off at the high end of the band, from a combination of transistor and package parasitic L’s & C’s give riseRead More
Wilkinson Power Divider Part number PDW05758 – Overview   The Knowles PDW05758 from DLI is a surface mount, thin film power divider employing a three section Wilkinson topology. This power divider utilizes a proprietary DLI temperature stable ceramic, low loss conductors, and integrated resistors. The device provides exceptional performance in a tiny package compatible with standard solder surface mount technology. The total package size measures 0.185 inch by 0.160 inch by 0.020 inch (4.7 mm by 4.06 mm by 0.5 mm). The power divider features excellent return loss on allRead More
Evolution to 5G Microwave Products Catalog from Knowles Capacitors (Dielectric Laboratories)   This year Knowles is excited to add components specific to 5G applications to its list of catalog part offerings. These components are solder surface mount compatible and offer extremely reliable and repeatable RF performance in a small package. Target frequency from 22-40GHz, offering bandpass filters, 2-way & 4-way power dividers, 3dB & directional couplers, and ultra-broadband (DC-40GHz) resistive couplers. The DLI brand specializes in high frequency passive devices offering temperature stability and small size without compromising performance. ClickRead More

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Looking for 4.3-10 Specialty Adapters?

Having a Hard Time Finding These?   Female to Male Right Angle 4.3-10 Adapter and Female to Female Barrel 4.3-10 Adapter You have a wireless system with 4.3-10 connectors, but are challenged for space or need to mate two males together. RF Industries has the adapter for your application.  Right angle adapter, model RFD-43M-FRA goes between 4.3-10 male and female connectors for space challenged applications. Female to female 4.3-10 adapter, model RFD-43F-F is used to mate two 4.3-10 male connectors. Both adapters are manufactured with machined brass bodies, plated withRead More

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RF Industries N Adapters, 1.0-2.3 Adapter and 1.0-2.3 Assemblies

RF Industries New Product Releases 2017 N Adapters, 1.0-2.3 Adapter and 1.0-2.3 Assemblies N Type Adapters Offer Low PIM Performance For optimum system performance, every passive component in a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) needs to exhibit low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) performance. introducing a line of low PIM N type adapters. N female to N female, N male to N male, and N male to N female.     Low PIM 1.0-2.3 Interface for DAS and Wireless Infrastructure The 1.0-2.3 connector interface is used in wireless infrastructure and DAS (Distributed AntennaRead More

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Mini-Circuits August 2017 New Featured Product Releases

Mini-Circuits August 2017 New Featured Product Releases   CDI is proud to highlight the latest and greatest RF & Microwave products from Mini-Circuits. If you are interested in any of the Newest Mini-Circuits products listed below please click here to submit a technical inquiry or call CDI at 1-800-777-7334. In continuing our development of products up to and beyond 40GHz, we are pleased to announce the release of our 43.5 GHz attenuators dies: Models KAT-XX-D+. The KAT Series is designed as an improvement over previous chip attenuator series in thatRead More