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CDI Expands RF Catalog Adding Tai-Saw Technology

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Expands RF Catalog Adding Tai-Saw Technology CO., LTD. CDI is proud to announce our new line addition of Tai-Saw Technology CO., LTD. (TST). TST is a leading manufacturing, design and service provider for high performance communication components. TST is now recognized as the leading SAW (surface acoustic wave) device supplier in Taiwan, as well as the key OEM/ODM supplier of SAW devices in the world. Browse CDI’s Wide Selection of Tai-Saw Technology Products: Visit http://rf.cdiweb.com/tai-saw to view a wide selection of RF Microwave high performance communicationsRead More

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Taitien OT-U Oscillator at CDI

OT-U Oscillator with Ultra Low Phase Noise and Jitter Available at CDI     Taitien’s OT-U series with inverted mesa blanks are capable of achieving typical phase jitter performance of 60 fs or 0.06 ps from 12kHz to 20MHz integration bandwidth at 156.25MHz carrier frequency. This performance is far superior to that from clock oscillators using frequency multiplication approaches such as PLL to obtain high frequencies. FEATURES: 7.0 x 5.0 mm SMD Ultra Low Phase Jitter PECL Crystal Oscillator – Typical 7.0 x 5.0 x 1.5 mm 6 pads ceramicRead More

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CDI Expands RF Catalog Adding IPP

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Expands RF Catalog Adding Innovative Power Products CDI is proud to announce our new line addition of Innovative Power Products (IPP). IPP has over 25 years of experience designing & manufacturing high power RF and Microwave Passive Components. IPP’s broadband couplers, combiners, resistors, and terminations are fabricated using the latest materials and design tools available.   Browse CDI’s Wide Selection of IPP Products: RF Resistor RF Termination RF Coupler Power Divider RF Coupler– Coaxial RF Termination – Coaxial   Visit http://rf.cdiweb.com/ipp to view a wide selectionRead More
Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) announces a New 7-Bit Digital Attenuator from Skyworks Solutions. Ready for immediate design into your demanding applications the SKY12343-364LF features: Broadband operation: 0.01— 4.0 GHz Attenuation range: 31.75 dB with 0.25 dB LSB TTL/CMOS-compatible serial, parallel, or latched parallel control Single supply voltage: 3.3 or 5 V Enhanced ESD protection: 2 kV Class 2 HBM compliant QFN 32-pin 5 x 5 x 0.9 mm package Typical Applications Include:   High power WLAN access points Infrastructure systems such as 4G/LTE macro and micro cellular base stations Land-mobileRead More

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TAITIEN TCXO Delivers OCXO Performance

TAITIEN TCXO Delivers OCXO Performance Available at CDI   TAITIEN Electronics, a leading provider of frequency control solutions, has introduced the highest performance temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXOs) in the industry, the TT series now available at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI). Ideally suited for applications demanding high-precision timing such as cellular base stations, test instruments, wireless backhaul and core network equipment, the TT series can deliver the tight frequency stability which could previously only be achieved by OCXOs. The TT series provides high performance with lower power consumption and a miniaturizedRead More
Pulse Electronics Corporation and CDI introduce a near field communications (NFC) antenna that enables mobile phones to read data from a distance of up to 40mm. The antenna sends and receives clear signals even when installed in a handset in close proximity to the battery or metal housing. Pulse Electronics’ ferrite sheet antenna can be customized to the varying sizes of handset mechanics, is easy to implement, and enables safe, non-contact, wireless communication for NFC connectivity to mobile devices. NFC antennas are needed so mobile devices can communicate with otherRead More
A Cost Effective High Stability Timing Solution   Today’s system designers are faced with the ongoing challenge of supporting an IP network that is driven by IP cost models but requires high levels of timing accuracy. For the designer looking at a timing solution; this means providing a small form factor, cost effective high stability timing solution. It is this challenge that the OX-501 is designed to address. Find Vectron’s OX-501 mini OCXO at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI). It combines a small footprint with high stability and supports packet basedRead More
For many designers, designing a circuit with minimum Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) emissions is a challenge. Mercury United Electronics has a family of clock oscillator products that can lower the level of undesired signals before they are ever generated. A system clock is frequently one of the largest contributors to EMI issues, since it is distributed throughout the entire design. With a spread-spectrum clock oscillator, the amount of energy that would normally be contained in a single frequency is spread out, reducing the amount of energy by -10 dB or moreRead More

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CDI Expands RF Catalog Adding TAITIEN

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Expands RF Catalog Adding TAITIEN   CDI is proud to announce our new line addition of TAITIEN, a leader in quartz-manufacturing technologies. TAITIEN frequency products support various fields including automotive, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications. TAITIEN focuses on innovation and invests heavily in research & development. CDI and TAITIEN are committed to provide you with the highest quality products for your one stop shopping service.   TAITIEN’s complete product line of quartz frequency control components include:     Click here for additional information from CDI.Read More
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. has released the first in a new family of products of High Power Switches. These switches build on the legacy of high performance RF switches and PIN diode products from Skyworks.     These products are useful for Transmit/Receive switch applications, basic signal routing, and fail-safe switching in land mobile, public safety, commercial, and military communications systems. They feature low insertion loss, high isolation, and exceptional linearity in addition to high power handling.   High Power Switch Details: Part Number Type Frequency Min (GHz) Frequency Max (GHz)Read More