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Looking for 4.3-10 Specialty Adapters?

Having a Hard Time Finding These?   Female to Male Right Angle 4.3-10 Adapter and Female to Female Barrel 4.3-10 Adapter You have a wireless system with 4.3-10 connectors, but are challenged for space or need to mate two males together. RF Industries has the adapter for your application.  Right angle adapter, model RFD-43M-FRA goes between 4.3-10 male and female connectors for space challenged applications. Female to female 4.3-10 adapter, model RFD-43F-F is used to mate two 4.3-10 male connectors. Both adapters are manufactured with machined brass bodies, plated withRead More

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RF Industries N Adapters, 1.0-2.3 Adapter and 1.0-2.3 Assemblies

RF Industries New Product Releases 2017 N Adapters, 1.0-2.3 Adapter and 1.0-2.3 Assemblies N Type Adapters Offer Low PIM Performance For optimum system performance, every passive component in a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) needs to exhibit low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) performance. introducing a line of low PIM N type adapters. N female to N female, N male to N male, and N male to N female.     Low PIM 1.0-2.3 Interface for DAS and Wireless Infrastructure The 1.0-2.3 connector interface is used in wireless infrastructure and DAS (Distributed AntennaRead More
Install Confidence – Every Time & Every Where Comp Pro® Compression Connectors for Critical Communication Foolproof Field Installation One Minute Install Rugged Construction Pull Strength > 200lb Waterproof Design – IP68 Rated Patented Compression Technology 7-16 DIN, N and TNC Interfaces LMR®-400 & Equivalent Braided Cables Now Available for LMR®-600 Cable     Ruggedized and Resistant Comp Pro® Cable Assemblies We Can Build Them for You!     Ideal for harsh environment assemblies Compression connectors for LMR®-400 and LMR®-600 cable IP68 rated to 12 inches immersion Plenum and fire retardantRead More