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Sensata Technologies 100CP2 Series of Sensors for Drinkable Water Applications Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors for over 50 years. The 2CP series of pressure transducers has many versions, but one not so well know version is the 100CP2 Series. The 100CP2 Series of sensors are made to work in drinkable water applications.  Based on the ever popular 2CP series of pressure sensors, the 100CP2 Series come in many versions. The three most popular include: 100CP2-71-121, 0-15 psia 100CP2-71-127, 0-150 psig 100CP2-71-74, 0-250 psig ThisRead More
  CDI Sensors and Wireless Group Product Highlights Pressure Sensors and Transducers – August 2016   The Sensors & Wireless Solutions Group at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) hope you have a good summer and are keeping cool! This month’s featured products are Pressure Sensors and Transducers. Below you will find our top picks from leading brands like Schaevitz Sensors, Sensata Technologies, NovaSensor, and more. CDI’s top picks include: Heavy Industrial Bonded Foil Strain Gauge Transducers HVAC and R Pressure Transducers Light Industry Pressure Transducers Board Level Pressure Transducers Heavy IndustrialRead More
Sensata Technologies 112CP and 2CP5/2CP50 Series Pressure Transducers for Demanding Industrial and HVAC/R Applications Sensata Technologies 112CP and 2CP5/2CP50 series pressure transducers are suitable for the most demanding industrial and HVAC/R applications. Sensor feedback, coupled with variable speed motors, allows fan speed to be regulated as needed rather than simply turning fan motors on or off. Similarly, compressor load control flexibility is enabled via electronic pressure sensors. The control system can regulate the compressor speed and reduce energy consumption by running the compressor at variable speeds rather than constantly cyclingRead More