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Posted On March 31, 2011By scottweatherwaxIn Ewave, Sensata, Sensors and Wireless

Sensata 2CP5/2CP50 Pressure Transducer

The 2CP5 Series transducer by Sensata provides proven high volume performance at a low cost.Read More

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Mahr Digimar 817 CLM Height Gage

CDI is happy to announce a new lower price on a few select Mahr Federal Height Gauges. The Mahr Federal Digimar 817 CLM with innovative Quick Mode measuring system, allows you to take measurements quickly without pushing buttons between measurements. One of the most accurate full featured motorized height gages on the market. Available in 14, 24, and 40 inch models. ( special pricing on 1D models only) Make sure you check out the specials today at As always, feel free to contact you CDI Technical Sales Engineer atRead More
The MiCS-OZ-47 is a microprocessor based PCB module designed for ozone sensing applications. The raw signal input from the sensor is processed digitally by the microprocessor, which also stores information such as temperature, humidity, calibration data, the range and lifetime of the sensor.Read More

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Mahr Federal by CDI: New Products Bulletin !

CDI is very proud to offer the New Products of 2011 by Mahr Federal. Nobody in the world of Precision Gaging offers you more new technology, new measuring expertise than the folks at Mahr Federal.Read More

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Factory Automation with CDI Sensors

Factory Automation comes in many variables, environment types and processes. Finding the right sensor for the job requires the application to dictate its parameters. Read More
Mahr Federal and their family of Digimar Height Stands offer outstanding value for shop floor and inspection area measuring of critical parts. For simple, fast, and accurate results without the complicated procedures, the CX2 family is in a class by itself.Read More
Looking to quickly test out the Chipcap humidity and temperature sensor. Check out he ChipCap evaluation kit. Great for prototyping and quick start evaluationsRead More

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Madison Company: Level & Temp in One Assembly!

Madison Company (Branford, CT) has recently introduced a Sensor capable of monitoring both Temperature and Level in the same assembly... BRILLIANT !!Read More

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Mahr Federal Air Gaging for Through or Blind Bores

CDI is a very proud supplier of Mahr Federal and their outstanding line up of Air Gaging products. Air plug gages are used for testing cylindrical through bores or blind bores.Read More

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Sterling Simplifies SPC with Gage Xpress

GageXpress Pro 3.0 SPC Gaging Software provides the complete solution for inspecting parts, calibration and viewing resultant dataRead More