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SGX Sensortech EOL products in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) is an authorized distributor for SGX Sensortech. SGX Sensortech has recently announced End of Life (EOL) for several gas sensor devices. CDI is happy to announce that we still have the following EOL products in stock and ready for immediate shipment: Part Number: *Qty Available: Buy Now: MICS-2610 120 View Online MICS-2611 28 View Online MICS-2710 724 View Online MICS-5121WP 43 View Online MICS-5315 28 View Online MICS-5521 511 View Online MICS-5525 830 View OnlineRead More
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ML810 Series Low Pressure Sensors at CDI

Precision Sensor Solutions from CDI Pressure Sensor Limited ML810 Series Pressure Sensor Limited / is now manufacturing an industrial / commercial line of standard and custom designed pressure sensors and transducers available at CDI. The ML810 Series device shown below is a 0 to 20” H2O pressure range, but other pressure ranges can include 0-5”, 0-10”, 0-15, and 0-27.68” H2O. ML810 FEATURES: Low pressure sensor No isolation barrier between the media and the pressure sensor Temperature compensated and amplified, 0.5 to 4.5V @5V Other outputs are easily achieved, suchRead More

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EOL – ChipCap L and R GE Sensing

Obsolescence of Humidity Sensor ChipCap L and R versions The last day to order the discontinued product will be January 31st 2013   Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) is an authorized distributor for General Eastern/Amphenol. GE Sensing recently launched the ChipCap2 humidity sensor and with the continued growth in technology and cost improvement they have made the decision to stop selling the original ChipCap Linear and Ratiometric options. The digital version will still be available. To Clarify: P/N: Type: Status: CHIPCAP-D Digital NO CHANGE CHIPCAP-D-50-TUBE Digital (Tube 50) NO CHANGE CHIPCAP-LRead More
CDI Announces SGX Sensortech Ltd. Formerly e2v Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) would like to announce that e2v industrial gas sensor business has been purchased by SGX Sensortech Ltd. As an update, the transfer process is nearly complete and SGX and e2v are working in partnership to minimize any disruption during this time. Both CDI and SGX have built inventory access to cover this transfer period. CDI has completed the transition in regards to setting up SGX Sensortech (IS) Ltd. as your new supplier. SGX’s product range of market leading sensorsRead More
CL Series In-Rush Current Protection Thermistor Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) has a large selection of CL Series of thermistors available. The NTC CL Series family of thermistors is ideally suited for control of the inrush current in switching power supplies, fluorescent lamp, inverters, motors, and more. This low cost, solid state device has several great features such as: Excellent mechanical strength Wide operating temperature range: -58F to 347F (-50C to 175C) Suitable for PCB mounting Available as a standard with kinked or straight leads and on tape and reel toRead More
In many applications it’s difficult or simply not feasible to monitor the actual fluid temperature in a closed system. This is especially true in after-market process control. The next best way to measure the temperature is by monitoring the temperature of the pipe in which the media is flowing. This is especially true in applications such as: gas boiler control, domestic water systems, air conditioners, radiator inlet-outlet, electric showers, vending machines, chiller and refrigeration units to name a few. Thermometrics/Amphenol has introduced the NTC Type JC Clip-On Pipe and SurfaceRead More
Check Out Our Inventory of Mitutoyo Products 500-196-20 Absolute Digimatic Caliper 500-197-20 Absolute Digimatic Caliper 500-171-20 Absolute Digimatic Caliper 500-172-20 Absolute Digimatic Caliper 293-340 Coolant Proof Micrometer 293-185 QuantuMike 178-561-02A SJ-210 Surf Test 176-808A Tool Makers Microscope Don’t wait! Your CDI Technical Specialist is standing by and ready to earn your business right now. Questions? Click the BIG YELLOW BUTTONRead More
Component Distributors Inc. and Mahr Federal are happy to share some of their Spring 2011 Promotions. MarCal. Digital Caliper 16 EWR with Reference System, Protection Class IP67 Order Number: Price: 4103060 $149.00 4103062 $149.00 4103061 $149.00 4103063 $149.00 MarCal. Digital Caliper 16 EWR with Reference System, Protection Class IP67 Order Number: Price: 4103064 $190.00 4103066 $190.00 4103065 $190.00 4103069 $230.00 4103071 $350.00 MarCal. Digital Caliper 16 ER with Reference System Order Number: Price: 4103000 $99.00 4103001 $99.00 MarCal. Digital Caliper 16 ER with Reference System Order Number: Price: 4103002 $129.00Read More
The problem of current surges in switch-mode power supplies is caused by the large filter capacitors used to smooth the ripple in the rectified 60 Hz current prior to being chopped at a high frequency.Read More