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SGX SensorTech MEMS Pellistor VQ548MP & VQ548MP-DA Pellistors are solid-state devices used to detect gases which are either combustible or which have a significant difference in thermal conductivity to that of air. The detecting elements consist of small ‘pellets’ of catalyst-loaded ceramic whose resistance changes in the presence of the target gas hence the term ‘pellistor’ being a combination of ‘pellet’ and ‘resistor’. The earliest form of catalytic gas sensor used heated bare coils of platinum wire to burn the gas. The heat generated by the burning process produced aRead More
The Latest Integrated IR Sensors from SGX Sensortech: INIR-ME (Methane) and INIR-CD (Carbon Dioxide)   INIR-ME (Methane) INIR-CD (Carbon Dioxide) INIR-EK4 (Evaluation Board) Integrated IR Datasheet SGX Sensortech, a Division of Amphenol Inc. introduces their latest IR sensor, the INIR gas sensor. The first of these devices being released are for Methane, which is the INIR-ME and for Carbon Dioxide, which is the INIR-CD. The INIR is a user friendly digital Gas Sensor, which is designed to use the latest SGX Sensortech infrared technology. The sensor is designed to decreaseRead More
SGX Business Unit Air Quality Sensors Purchased By Amphenol     CDI would like to inform you about a significant change in the SGX Sensortech ownership structure. Amphenol Ltd. UK has acquired 100% share of all operating units of the SGX Air Quality Sensor Division that are: SGX Sensortech SA (Switzerland), SGX (IS) Sensortech Ltd. (UK), SGX Europe Sp.z.o.o. (Poland), SGX Sensortech GmbH (Germany) and SGX Sensortech China Ltd. (China). Amphenol is a leading supplier of advanced interconnect systems for automotive safety devices and expanding on board electronics in automobiles.Read More
New Integrated Sensor Board for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring from SGX Sensortech   Buy Now Data Sheet Manual Historically, three variables have been used to define indoor air quality; temperature, humidity and CO2. While this is still the case, it is becoming more widely accepted that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as smoke, cooking odors and outdoor pollutants also impact the air quality. VOCs can also be emitted from building materials, furnishing and operational equipment such as photocopiers. The indoor air we breathe every day has a paramount effect onRead More
  SGX Streamline of Product Range SGX prides itself on the breadth of its product range and consider ourselves to have the widest possible range of sensors to meet customers’ needs. However, we have recently reviewed our portfolio and found that we have a number of products which have been sold in very low quantities over the past few years. In addition, we have a number of electronic products which contain components which are nearing obsolescence. We would like to streamline our product range to maximize efficiency in our factoryRead More
SGX Introduces the USB-VZ87 Demo Kit for Air Quality Monitoring     SGX introduces the USB-VZ87 Demo Kit. The USB Demo Kit for VZ-87 is a device designed to provide easy and fast demonstration of SGX Sensortech’s indoor air quality monitoring solution. The USB-VZ87 Demo Kit allows the readout of a VZ-87 module in order to display measurements of the calculated CO2 equivalent and VOC values based on a metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor. A semi-conducting gas sensor exhibits a decrease of resistance value in presence of VOCs. The deviceRead More
SGX Sensortech Metal Oxide (MiCs) Sensors   SGX Sensortech manufactures a complete line of low cost metal oxide (MiCs) gas sensors. The sensors are available for detecting Ozone, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, VOC (volatile organic compounds) as well as packaging that allows 2 and even 3 gas sensing devices in the same package. SGX Sensortech MiCs Part Numbers: Application: Part Number: • Ozone Sensor MiCs-2614 • Nitrogen Dioxide MiCs-2714 • Dual sensor for Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide MiCs-4514 • Dual sensor for Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons MiCs-5524 •Read More
Introducing SGX Sensortech SGX-4DT Miniature Dual Carbon Monoxide / Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Electrochemical Sensor Available at CDI     SGX Sensortech’s SGX- 4DT is a dual electrochemical sensor available in an industry standard mod 4 housing. SGX electrochemical sensors detect gases by producing a chemical reaction between the gas and oxygen contained in the sensor. This reaction produces a small current, which is proportional to the concentration of the gas present. SGX electrochemical sensors are designed to measure carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide in the parts per million range. ThisRead More
Introducing SGX Sensortech MiCS-VZ-87 An Integrated Sensor Board for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Now Available at CDI     The MiCS-VZ-87 combines state-of-the-art MOS sensor technology with intelligent detection algorithms to monitor VOCs and CO2 equivalent variations in confined spaces, e.g. meeting rooms or vehicle cabins. The signal output can be used to control ventilation on demand, saving energy and reducing cost-of-ownership.   Features: • Calibration-free • Low power • Wide VOCs detection range • High sensitivity • High resistance to shocks and vibrations Detectable Gases: • Volatile Organic CompoundsRead More
CDI is proud to announce that SGX has expanded their Electrochemical Gas Sensor offering. These new commercial grade sensors detect CO (Carbon Monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), O2 (Oxygen) and NH3 (Ammonia). SGX Electrochemical Sensors are drop-in replacements for existing electrochemical sensors. This is a direct result of the electrochemistry of the catalysts used and the mechanical design of the sensor. Electrochemical gas sensors are made in the popular mod 4 housing as well as some in the mod 7 housing. You will find top quality and cost savings with SGXRead More