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Posted On October 8, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Sensors and Wireless, SGX Sensortech Limited

Ozone Temperature & Humidity Monitoring PCB

The MiCS-OZ-47 is a microprocessor based PCB module designed for ozone sensing applications. The raw signal input from the sensor is processed digitally by the microprocessor, which also stores information such as temperature, humidity, calibration data, the range and lifetime of the sensor.Read More
Many of the data sheets for the e2v Pellistors do not explain the part number. This Blog will explain the four most common suffixes on the pellirtor product lines.Read More
If you working with Ozone you need to understand that ozone sensors need a longer time to stabilize than most gases.Read More
Test any of e2v Metal Oxide (MICS) gas sensors using the MiCS-EK1 evaluation board.Read More

Posted On May 19, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In SGX Sensortech Limited

SGX Sensortech Introduces an IR Evaluation Board

If you looking to evaluate one of the IR sesnors from e2v, the IR-EK2 evaluation kit will allow the testing of anyone of their many types of IR sensorsRead More