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M3200 Pressure Transducer from TE Connectivity at CDI

M3200 Pressure Transducer from TE Connectivity at CDI   M3200 Series at CDI Download Data Sheet TE offers the M3200, the latest in a long line of pressure sensors designed and manufactured using our Microfused™ technology which is ideally suited for HVAC and refrigeration systems. While a range of board mount pressure sensors are used in HVAC systems for filter monitoring as well as pressure monitoring throughout a forced air system, the bulk of the pressure sensing is accomplished using heavy duty pressure sensors to monitor refrigerant pressure in compressor-basedRead More

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TE Connectivity, Model 64X Accelerometer

TE Connectivity, Model 64X Accelerometer Next Generation Crash Accelerometer Advanced Piezoresistive MEMS Sensor   TE Connectivity introduces the Model 64X, the most advanced accelerometer ever released for anthropomorphic dummy instrumentation. The accelerometer features a full bridge output configuration with an advanced damping for excellent shock survivability and flat frequency response to 7kHz. The model 64X accelerometer has a standard cross-talk accuracy of <2%, a standard ZMO of <±20mV and a linearity accuracy specification of <±0.70%. The model 64X accelerometer is offered in ranges from ±200 to ±2000g and has distinctRead More
MS8607 Digital Fusion Sensor from TE Connectivity Available at CDI   The MS8607 (part number MS860702BA01-50) is the novel digital combination sensor of MEAS providing 3 environmental physical measurements all-in-one: Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity (PTH). This product is optimal for applications in which key requirements such as ultralow power consumption, high PTH accuracy and compactness are critical. High pressure resolution combined with high PTH linearity makes the MS8607 an ideal candidate for environmental monitoring and altimeter in smart phones and tablet PC, as well as PTH applications such as HVACRead More
HTU21D(F) Digital Relative Humidity Sensor with Temperature Output   HTU21D(F) at CDI Download Data Sheet The HTU21D(F) is a new digital humidity sensor with temperature output by MEAS. Setting new standards in terms of size and intelligence, it is embedded in a reflow solderable Dual Flat No leads (DFN) package with a small 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm footprint. This sensor provides calibrated, linearized signals in digital, I²C format. HTU21D(F) digital humidity sensors are dedicated humidity and temperature plug and play transducers for OEM applications where reliable and accurateRead More
  CDI Sensors and Wireless Group Product Highlights for Humidity & Temperature, Smart Dust, Pressure, & CO² Sensing – September 2016   ChipCap 2™ A Fully Calibrated Humidity and Temperature Sensor ChipCap 2 offers the most advanced and cost effective humidity and temperature sensing solution for virtually any type of application. A capacitive polymer sensor chip and a CMOS integrated circuit with EEPROM are integrated into one embedded system in a reflow solderable SMD package. • Fully Calibrated & Temperature Compensated • Digital or Analog Output with Alarm Function •Read More
Measurement Specialties Piezo Film Sensors for a Wide Range of Markets and Applications     Measurement Specialties, a division of TE Connectivity offers piezoelectric fluoropolymer film, which has unique capabilities and produces voltage or charge proportional to dynamic strain. The film is suited for many different custom designs, configurations and applications, including versatile coaxial cable used for everything from security to musical instrument amplification. Piezo film is a flexible, lightweight, tough engineering plastic available in a wide variety of thicknesses and can cover large areas. Piezo film has low density,Read More
  CDI Sensors and Wireless Group Product Highlights Pressure Sensors and Transducers – August 2016   The Sensors & Wireless Solutions Group at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) hope you have a good summer and are keeping cool! This month’s featured products are Pressure Sensors and Transducers. Below you will find our top picks from leading brands like Schaevitz Sensors, Sensata Technologies, NovaSensor, and more. CDI’s top picks include: Heavy Industrial Bonded Foil Strain Gauge Transducers HVAC and R Pressure Transducers Light Industry Pressure Transducers Board Level Pressure Transducers Heavy IndustrialRead More
Measurement Specialties Introduces the HTU21D: Miniature Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor More Details / Buy Now HTU21D, the new humidity and temperature sensor from Measurement Specialties sets new standards in terms of size and intelligence. The HTU21D is embedded in a reflow solderable dual flat no leads (DFN) package of 3 x 3mm foot print and 1mm height. The HTU21D provides calibrated, linearized signals in digital I²C format. With the miniaturization of the sensor, the performance-to-price ratio has been improved and many devices will benefit from the cutting edge energyRead More
MS5637-02BA03 Low Voltage Barometric Pressure Sensor Optimized For Altimeter and Barometer Applications in Smart-phones and Tablet PCs   The MS5637 is an ultra-compact micro altimeter that is optimized for altimeter and barometer applications in Smart-phones and Tablet PCs. The altitude resolution at sea level is 13 cm of air. The sensor module includes a high-linearity pressure sensor and an ultra-low power 24 bit ΔΣ ADC with internal factory-calibrated coefficients. The MS5637 provides a precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature value and different operation modes that allow the user to optimizeRead More
M5100 Pressure Sensor Heavy Industrial Applications – High EMI Rated   The M5100 series from Measurement Specialties sets the price / performance standard for transducers used in demanding environments. The M5100 exceeds the latest heavy industrial CE requirements including surge protection, and is over voltage protected to 16Vdc in both positive and reverse polarity. The pressure port is machined from a solid piece of 17-4PH stainless steel (316L optional). There are no O-rings, organics or welds exposed to the pressure media. This allows for a leak proof, all-metal sealed pressureRead More