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Learn About the CITILED COB Series Ver. 8 from Component Distributors, Inc.   High Efficacy and 2-Step Ellipse Standard CITILED COB Series Ver.8 By optimizing each production process, the chromaticity range has achieved 2-step ellipse as a standard specification. The 2-step ellipse color definition at Tj=85C ensures uniform optical performance in various applications. The new model shares the same outline design and LES size as the traditional Standard Type (Ver.1~6).   Point Source High Intensity type Ver.3 High Intensity Type Ver.3 has been developed as a high performance product withRead More

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Visit TDK InvenSense at CES 2020, Booth #11448

Visit TDK InvenSense at CES 2020, Booth #11448 TDK InvenSense will be at CES in Las Vegas! Come visit them at stand #11448 and take a look at all of their amazing new offerings!   Exhibition Outline Event CES 2020 Date January 7–10, 2020 Location, Booth No. Central Hall, TDK Stand #11448 Map to Booth View Map Here Admission CES Registration Info Official site Welcome to TDK at CES 2020, the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. TDK is presenting its broad portfolio includes passiveRead More
Mercury United Low Cost, Ultra-Low Noise Oscillators   Mercury United’s HJ Series is an ultra-low phase noise crystal clock oscillator, best suited for high-quality digital audio systems that require extremely low jitter master clocks for high time-resolution (sample rates, conversion accuracy) digital-to-analog converters (DACs). For 49.152MHz at 3.3V, the phase noise is -166 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset and -171 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset. RMS phase jitter RMS (12 KHz to 20 MHz) is amazingly low at 48 fsec.   Click Here to Download the HJ Series Datasheet Click HereRead More
CDI / National Stocking Distributor for Mahr Precision Measuring Tools Introducing the MarSurf PS10 Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument   By… On Sale RIGHT NOW!  Lowest Authorized Stocking Distributor Price Guarantee!!! Part# 6910232: $2,300.00 While Supplies Last!!! Buy Now at CDI   Check Out These PS10 Features: Compact roughness measuring instrument for mobile use Simple and intuitive to use: as easy as using a smart phone Large, illuminated 4.3″ TFT touch display Adjustable display Data backup as TXT, X3P, CSV or PDF file Create complete PDF measuring records directly in theRead More
CDI / National Stocking Distributor for Mahr Precision Measuring Tools. Introducing the Pocketsurf IV Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument     On Sale RIGHT NOW! Lowest Authorized Stocking Distributor Price Guarantee!!! Part# 2191800 $1,799.00 While Supplies Last!!!   Check Out These Pocketsurf Features: Durable cast aluminum housing to provide years of accurate and reliable measuring operations Can be used to measure four selectable parameters: Ra, Rmax/Ry, Rz Review all of the parameters after the measurement is complete Adjustable measuring length based on 1, 3 or 5 times the cutoff wavelength ofRead More
Xicato Expands Family of Miniature Smart Drivers with Wireless Control XMD Enables 0.1% Flicker-Free Dimming of Track and Linear Fixtures   San Jose, CA – November 13, 2019 – Xicato, the leading provider of smart building wireless controls and highest quality light sources, today announced the general availability of XMD, a purpose-built form factor Xicato grade driver that fits into compact track adapters for elegant designs. XMD’s narrow, rectangular and low-profile footprint allows Luminaire designs with minimal visual impact with deep-dimming and smart driver control with wireless BLE option. XMDRead More

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ABLE Power Products Surge News You Can Use

ABLE Power Products Surge News You Can Use Surge Protection Selection Criteria When determining the true value of a surge protective device (SPD) there is a minimum number of criteria that must be met in order to achieve the highest performing and the safest most reliable SPD. Able Power Products has incorporated all these critical features in the design, testing and manufacture of every surge protection product and component they sell.     Whether you’re designing, retrofitting or upgrading your LED lighting installations, ABLE Power Products offers a full lineRead More

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Alliance Sensors Group LVIT Technology™

  LVIT Technology™ (Linear Variable Inductance Transducer) Contactless Operation Excellent Stroke-To-Length Ratio Proprietary Senset™ Field Adjustable Range Scaling Made in USA LVIT Applications: • PV Solar Cell Positioner • Wind Energy Systems • Packaging Machinery • Motorsport Vehicles • Automotive Testing • Factory Automation • Factory Automations     LR-19 Series LVIT Linear Position Sensor Long Lasting, Contactless, Inductive Sensors The LR-19 series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductance Transducer) position sensors by Alliance Sensors Group are contactless devices designed for factory automation and a variety of industrial and commercial applications suchRead More

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Taitien Releases New SMD Products of FASTXO Series

Taitien Releases New SMD Products of FASTXO Series Following OT-M Type (7.0 x 5.0mm) and OW-M Type (5.0 x 3.2mm), TAITIEN added OA-M Type (3.2 x 2.5mm) miniaturized SMD quartz oscillator to the FASTXO product line.     • OA-M Type provides any frequencies and achieves rapid development and low phase noise. Typical phase jitter: 0.8pSec (Integrated from 12kHz to 20MHz).     • Operating voltage: 3.3V or 2.5V. Frequency range of LVCMOS: 10MHz to 250MHz. Frequency range of LVPECL and LVDC: 10MHz to 1.5GHz.     • OA-M TypeRead More
EM Microelectronic EMBP01 Encapsulated Low-Energy Proximity Beacon with Accelerometer   EM Microelectronic introduces their newest proximity beacon and Encapsulated Accelerometer Beacon a blue Cup, the EMBP01-F171-H3100. The EMBP01 is a high-performance, customizable Bluetooth V5.0 low energy proximity beacon with an accelerometer for advanced functionality. The small and rugged EMBP01 comes fully encapsulated with a resin-based polymer for protection against dust and liquids and reliable use in harsh environmental conditions. The EMBP01 is a 2.4 GHz electronic beacon with a proximity capability, compatible with most common beacon standards with a low-costRead More