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EOL Notification for MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255   PCN Notification Date Aug 17, 2018 Subject EOL notice for MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255. Products Affected MPU-9250, EV_MPU-9250, FF_MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255, SB_10_Demo Reason For Change As part of TDK’s on-going product lifecycle management process, the MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, and MPU-9255 will be discontinued. There are 3rd party components on these chips that have been obsoleted. Please contact your local Sales office for alternative options. Description of Change Product discontinuance notice for MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255. Impact of Change Due to the discontinuance of 3rd party components,Read More
Humanizing The Digital Experience TDK Developers Conference September 17-18, 2018 Santa Clara Marriot, USA Now with Keynotes from Qualcomm and HTC; Panelists include, Google, Intel, Microsoft and more… Are you on the development team engineering products which include MEMS, Actuators, Microphones, Haptics, Temperature, or TOF sensors? Then you need to come to this event! The 2018 TDK Developers Conference registration website is now open! This year’s conference will inspire Developers/Engineers/Partners/Customers with “TDK’s Portfolio of Solutions” bringing together market leaders, executives, senior engineers, and the media, to learn about market advancements,Read More
Take a Total Solution Approach to Metrology and Data Collection with TruPosition Products at CDI CDI Precision Measurement and TruPosition have combined efforts to offer a total solution approach to metrology and data collection. Never has gathering variable data on a hole location been so simple. TruPosition Probes Digital TruPosition Probes can be used for multiple hole-location checks with a single probe. Dual LCD displays are integrated directly into the handle. Some models have wireless data transfer capability, and some are LVDT probes. We also have 3rd Axis Probes, compatibleRead More
Taitien Electronics introduced a new generation SFF programmable high frequency precision TCXO product – 3.2×2.5mm TX-P Type   Taitien Electronics introduced a new generation SFF programmable high frequency precision TCXO product – 3.2×2.5mm TX-P Type TX-P Type products provide 3 types of logic outputs to choose from, namely LVCMOS single-ended output, LVPECL and LVDS differential output. TX-P Type possessed the advantages over arbitrary frequency, rapid development and low phase noise. Typical phase jitter: 0.8pSec (frequency band offset 12KHz~20MHz). Operating voltage of TX-P Type products are 3.3V and 2.5V. Frequency stabilityRead More
Sensata Technologies 100CP2 Series of Sensors for Drinkable Water Applications Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors for over 50 years. The 2CP series of pressure transducers has many versions, but one not so well know version is the 100CP2 Series. The 100CP2 Series of sensors are made to work in drinkable water applications.  Based on the ever popular 2CP series of pressure sensors, the 100CP2 Series come in many versions. The three most popular include: 100CP2-71-121, 0-15 psia 100CP2-71-127, 0-150 psig 100CP2-71-74, 0-250 psig ThisRead More

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KCB Solutions Launches its New Website!

KCB Solutions Launches its New Website!   KCB Solutions, a leading supplier of high-reliability RF and microwave devices, has announced the debut of its new website. According to KCB, the new website is designed to provide the ultimate intuitive experience for both RF engineers, buyers, and OEM partners alike — through improved product content and enhanced functionality. The newly designed and user-friendly Product Catalog highlights our offered switches, amplifiers, and attenuators products for Defense and Space applications. Hi Power Pin Switches, GaAs Fet Switches, LANs, Power Amps and GaNRead More
Mitutoyo PH-A14 (172-810-10A) Profile Projector in Stock Right Now at CDI! Mitutoyo PH-A14 (172-810-10A) Profile Projector In Stock Right Now at CDI! Buy Now at the lowest price in the industry! $5200.00   And.. Just Released… The Brand New 2D Touchscreen Featuring M2 Optical Measuring Software. Just add part# 64PKA156 or 64PKA157 (with Edge Detection). Adding the 64PKA156 or 64PKA157 includes FREE ON-SITE INSTALLATION AND CALIBRATION by the Mitutoyo Factory Professionals!!   Also available are the KA Counter and the QM Data   QM Data 264-156A The QM-Data200 is aRead More
Automotive Grade Capacitors Available at CDI from Knowles Capacitors (Syfer Technology Limited)   One of Knowles Capacitors fields of expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in the automotive industry. Today’s vehicles have many electric power units and electric control units that enable electric drive and absolute precise control. The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Component Technical Committee is the standardization body for establishing standards for reliable, high quality electronic components. Components meeting these specifications are suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without additional component-levelRead More

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TDK InvenSense Offers New Development Kits

TDK InvenSense Offers New Development Kits InvenSense recently announced its TDK SmartMotion Platform; a comprehensive development kit for InvenSense Motion Sensor devices. The platform is designed around a Microchip SAMG55 MCU and can be used by any sensor developer/engineer for rapid evaluation and development of InvenSense sensor-based solutions. With a Total of 6 Different Development Kits Now Available: Part #: Image: Description: DK-10100 (NEW) Altimeter/Barometer, Capable Up to 3 Inches (a typical stair height) DK-20602 6-Axis, None DMP DK-20648 6-Axis, DMP Based Motion Sensing DK-20680A (NEW) Automotive Grade Motion SensorRead More
EOL for EM Microelectronic EMBC02 Proximity Sensor Announcing EMBC22 Replacement Part   If you have purchased the EM Microelectronic EMBC02 proximity sensor, Component Distributors wants to pass on to you that EM Microelectronic is officially announcing the End of Life (EOL) for the EMBC02 (full part number EMBC02-F403-H1000) from its product offering. Component Distributors currently has about 250 pcs in stock, and the last time to purchase the product will be June 15, 2018. After this date the EMBC02 will only be sold until all inventory is gone. However, theRead More