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Posted On September 5, 2012By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Precision Measurement, Solartron Metrology

NEW SI 100 & SI 200, Orbit ACS at CDI

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) announces the SI 100 & SI 200. These Automated Control System Probes are an economical, single/dual channel solution with integral display. They can be output to a PLC via Modbus and are the most widely used network in the Industrial world. SI 100 & SI 200 are part of Orbit ACS, a NEW line of Digital systems specially built for automation and process control. FEATURES:   Stand alone unit Full color display provides analogue and digital reading Modbus communications or Solartron ASCII output Discrete I/O HighRead More

Posted On August 27, 2012By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Mahr, Inc, Precision Measurement

CDI and Mahr Federal 2012 Summer Promotion

MAHR FEDERAL 2012 SUMMER PROMOTION Promotion Prices Valid Until 9/30/2012 Component Distributors Inc. and Mahr Federal are happy to share some of their 2012 Summer Promotions. Mahr Federal Precision Gages provides a large range of easy to use measuring and metrology tools that deliver reliable data.   FEATURED PROMOTION: Order Number Description EMD-1500-311+CAL Pocket Surf III, Probe, 90°, 10 mm radius, PMD-90101 Certified Specimen, Incl. Test Certificate EMD-1500-312+CAL Pocket Surf III, Probe, 90°, 10 mm radius, EMD-90010 Precision Specimen EMD-1500-321+CAL Pocket Surf III, Probe, 90°, 5 mm radius, PMD-90101 CertifiedRead More
Check Out RoverBase Available Now At CDI! RoverBase is the new addition to the MobileCollect wireless system. It gives you total mobility for your measurement collection and the Visual Collect software included provides immediate feedback on the status of your process. With RoverBase you are not tied to a PC. You can take RoverBase and your gage(s) to the area where you need to take measurements. Additional Features: Receives gage measurements wirelessly from multiple MobileCollect Mobile Modules. Can be used with any gage supported by the MobileCollect Mobile Modules. TheRead More
For many designers, designing a circuit with minimum Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) emissions is a challenge. Mercury United Electronics has a family of clock oscillator products that can lower the level of undesired signals before they are ever generated. A system clock is frequently one of the largest contributors to EMI issues, since it is distributed throughout the entire design. With a spread-spectrum clock oscillator, the amount of energy that would normally be contained in a single frequency is spread out, reducing the amount of energy by -10 dB or moreRead More
Mean Well has introduced a new generation of power supplies with a “Green Concept” the EPS-45/65 Series. These high efficient 45W and 65W open frame PCB power supplies, build upon the success of the PS-45/65 Series. The new EPS Series have improved the models to have extremely low “no load power consumption” (below 0.3W). Component Distributors, Inc (CDI) will be selling the EPS-45/65 Series, which also boast a compact 4″ x 2″ PCB size.  Featuring a 3 year warranty, the EPS-45/65 Series also has up-to-date high efficiency circuit design, possessingRead More
Easy One-Stop Shopping. Now from CDI, you can order a turnkey package of components to measure any part or part attribute and have the measurement wirelessly transmitted to your PC and into the SPC System. In Search of the Perfect Gage for Your Application? Starting with Digital Gages, your CDI professional Gaging Solutions Engineers would be delighted to walk you down any of our “e-aisles”. Check out these fantastic Digital Indicator options: Want to transmit measured data without messy cables all over the place? Check out our MicroRidge Wireless GageRead More

Posted On June 13, 2012By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, RF-Microwave, Signal Generation, Taitien

CDI Expands RF Catalog Adding TAITIEN

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Expands RF Catalog Adding TAITIEN   CDI is proud to announce our new line addition of TAITIEN, a leader in quartz-manufacturing technologies. TAITIEN frequency products support various fields including automotive, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications. TAITIEN focuses on innovation and invests heavily in research & development. CDI and TAITIEN are committed to provide you with the highest quality products for your one stop shopping service.   TAITIEN’s complete product line of quartz frequency control components include:     Click here for additional information from CDI.Read More
Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) announces MINMAX Technology’s MSGWI06 Series; a compact 6 watt DC/DC converter in an SMD package with a footprint of .87" x .80" x .40". With an ultra-wide input range and international safety approvals, these worldwide marketable power modules are ideally suited for space critical applications in battery-powered equipment.   KEY FEATURES: • Efficiency up to 83% • 1500VDC Isolation • Fully Regulated Input • Temp Performance -40°C to +60°C • Overload Protection • 4:1 Wide Input Range • Internal SMD Construction • Remote On/Off Control •Read More
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. has released the first in a new family of products of High Power Switches. These switches build on the legacy of high performance RF switches and PIN diode products from Skyworks.     These products are useful for Transmit/Receive switch applications, basic signal routing, and fail-safe switching in land mobile, public safety, commercial, and military communications systems. They feature low insertion loss, high isolation, and exceptional linearity in addition to high power handling.   High Power Switch Details: Part Number Type Frequency Min (GHz) Frequency Max (GHz)Read More
Dear Valued Customer, As one of CDI’s RF & Microwave component customers you may know that CDI is the key RF distributor for Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc. (formerly Eudyna Devices Inc., and Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor). We would like to introduce you to Sumitomo’s NEW PS series; a very popular GaAs FET device with RF & Microwave product designers. These economical IMFETs are helping to reduce the cost of amplifier designs in C and X bands. The PS series devices come in lower cost plastic packages which can be surface-mounted.Read More