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Many of the data sheets for the e2v Pellistors do not explain the part number. This Blog will explain the four most common suffixes on the pellirtor product lines.Read More
If you working with Ozone you need to understand that ozone sensors need a longer time to stabilize than most gases.Read More
Mahr Federal and their family of Digimar Height Stands offer outstanding value for shop floor and inspection area measuring of critical parts. For simple, fast, and accurate results without the complicated procedures, the CX2 family is in a class by itself.Read More
Test any of e2v Metal Oxide (MICS) gas sensors using the MiCS-EK1 evaluation board.Read More

Posted On May 19, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In SGX Sensortech Limited

SGX Sensortech Introduces an IR Evaluation Board

If you looking to evaluate one of the IR sesnors from e2v, the IR-EK2 evaluation kit will allow the testing of anyone of their many types of IR sensorsRead More
MicroRidge Systems of Sun River Oregon recently introduced a Third Generation of wireless measurement collection. Mobile Collect features new technology, new features, and new pricing (LOWER PRICING !!!) made possible by more highly integrated radio technology.Read More

Posted On May 4, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Sensors and Wireless

Humidity Evaluation Board

Looking to quickly test out the Chipcap humidity and temperature sensor. Check out he ChipCap evaluation kit. Great for prototyping and quick start evaluationsRead More
Minmax MKW40 Series provides up to 40 watts in 2x1" package, 6 output options, wide input range and very high efficiencies! Minmax is the leader in low cost, fast delivery and high quality DC/DC converters and AC/DC modules.Read More

Posted On April 6, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Sensors and Wireless

Madison Company: Level & Temp in One Assembly!

Madison Company (Branford, CT) has recently introduced a Sensor capable of monitoring both Temperature and Level in the same assembly... BRILLIANT !!Read More

Posted On April 2, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In ACR, Precision Measurement

ACR Products Can Deliver

The delivery time for almost all of the ACR Systems Products is Less than TWO weeks! ACR Systems manufacturers a line of world class data loggers that measure and record temperature, relative humidity,electrical current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and much moreRead More