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Posted On March 17, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Power Electronics, Pulse Electronics

CDI Signs On As Pulse Engineering Distributor

CDI is pleased to welcome Pulse Engineering into its Power Design lineup. Pulse is a worldwide leader in electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturing. CDI will carry it's full line of products. Read More

Posted On March 16, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Gentech International Ltd

Magnetic Reed Switches for Sensing Applications

Gentech Sensing Solutions offers a very widespread arrangement of Magnetic Reed Switch products that are packaged for Liquid Level, Flow, and Position Sensing projects for the OEM. Read More

Posted On March 5, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Sensors and Wireless

Mahr Federal Air Gaging for Through or Blind Bores

CDI is a very proud supplier of Mahr Federal and their outstanding line up of Air Gaging products. Air plug gages are used for testing cylindrical through bores or blind bores.Read More

Posted On March 5, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Sensors and Wireless

Sterling Simplifies SPC with Gage Xpress

GageXpress Pro 3.0 SPC Gaging Software provides the complete solution for inspecting parts, calibration and viewing resultant dataRead More
World leading Digital Probe manufacturer Solartron Metrology has officially launched the highly anticipated Orbit3 Gaging System. The high speed RS485 network offers plug and go functionality never before experienced in the world of precision gaging.Read More

Posted On February 25, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Sensors and Wireless

General Eastern/Amphenol Application note for ChipCap devices

If you are considering the GE Chipcap series, the attached application note will be very useful. While the analog outputs are straight forward, this application gives the required software code for the digital versionRead More

Posted On February 23, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Power Electronics

Linear Technology Energy Harvesting Applications

Energy harvesting applications are finding their way into many remote monitoring applications where utility power is not available. New developments in ultralow power microcontrollers with their high level of integration are enabling monitoring systems which draw sub milliwatts of power. Various energy sources that were not useful as power sources for electronic sensors can now be used.Read More

Posted On February 11, 2010By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, RF-Microwave, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Skyworks Featured PIN Schottky and Varactor Diodes

Select Diodes Available from Stock for Prototype or High Volume ProductionRead More