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General Eastern/Amphenol Application note for ChipCap devices

The ChipCap series humidity sensor by GE offers a new standard in the field of accurate relative humidity measurement. Based on a capacitive polymer sensing technology, this device offers signal conditioning and
temperature compensation for a single SoC (System-on-Chip) solution.

The device is very simple to use, fully tested and calibrated for accuracy on delivery—no further calibration is needed. ChipCap can be incorporated into an assembly or finished sensor to meet customer specifications. The measurement is accurate to ±2% from 20% to 80% RH and ±3% across the entire humidity range.

ChipCap relative humidity sensors change capacitance in direct proportion to ambient relative humidity. An internal solid-state band gap transistor provides temperature measurement. While the analog output devices are straightforward to use, the digital output device is not as straightforward. The digital output version is based on ZacWire.

Here is the application note on the operation of all three device, as well as the software required for the ZacWire version.

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