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SGX Sensortech Introduces an IR Evaluation Board

The SGX Sensortech (Formerly e2v) IR-EK2 Gas Sensor Evaluation Kit will drive the SGX Sensortech range of infrared gas sensors and automatically measure
the sensor outputs and calculate gas concentration levels.

Sensors can be controlled automatically via the USBinterface with an easy-to-use control and data logging PC application provided on CD. Alternatively a terminal program such as HyperTerminal can be used to send simple commands to the on-board microcontroller. The user manual provides a comprehensive set of commands.

The evaluation kit allows experimentation with different bulb drive voltages. Reference and active channel gains can also be adjusted or set to a fixed level. This allows operation with the full range of SGX Sensortech infrared gas sensors. Sensors can be calibrated and then the gas concentration levels monitored.

An expansion connector provides access to four configurable alarms (open collector), two analog outputs and four digital inputs. LEDs on the board mimic the status of each alarm. A JTAG header allows advanced users to upload their own software to the microcontroller (MSP430F2616) and make full use of the available interfaces.

A universal mains adapter is also supplied or the user may connect a 9 V power supply to the terminal block connector.

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