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Ozone Sensors Require a Long Time Stabilization Time to Work Properly

Many customers are switching from more expensive types of gas sensor to the low-cost metal oxide (MiCs) sensors. SGX Sensortech (Formerly e2v) offers a wide variety of MiCs sensors: CO, Dual VOC, NH3, NO2 and O3. The last sensor, used to detect ozone, MiCs-2610 device is a unique sensor and needs to be understood before its usage. These are not simple turn them on and they will work sensors.

Ozone takes much longer to let the reaction sites degassing and ozone detection mechanism take place. The procedure to measure the warm-up time consists in placing the sensors (off for 12 hours) in a static ozone concentration and to switch them on. (The warm-up time is defined as 90% of the final value reached after 1 hour).