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Ozone Temperature & Humidity Monitoring PCB

MiCs ozone sensors have been available for several years, as the sensor only, like the e2v’s MiCs-2610. To date OEMs have been responsible for any local signal conditioning and the transmitter circuitry. The MiCS-OZ-47 module has been designed to be integrated easily by OEMs for applications such as environmental monitoring.

The MiCS-OZ-47 is a microprocessor based PCB module designed for ozone sensing applications. The raw signal input from the sensor is processed digitally by the microprocessor, which also stores information such as temperature, humidity, calibration data, the range and lifetime of the sensor.

The device can be configured to deliver the ozone readings as a PWM output or binary output for alarm threshold (>50 ppb). The MiCS-OZ-47 can also be interrogated digitally via RS232-TTL, with information such as alarm threshold, fault conditions, calibration information etc being available from the microprocessor registers. Other features include:

  • Drift compensation with dual sensor principle.
  • Temperature and humidity compensation.
  • PWM output.
  • RS-232 – TTL interface.
  • Supplied with dual ozone sensor, configured and calibrated.
  • Special ranges supplied on request

By default the module is factory calibrated. Calibration validity depends on the cycle time and the cumulated time of operation.

If you would like to get more information about this or other SGX Sensortech (Formerly e2v) products, please contact CDI.