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Mean Well releases HLG-80H Low Wattage Series

HLG-80H Series Now Available

Mean Well introduces an 80W, lower power model~HLG-80H series, to fulfill the middle to low wattage applications. Featuring 90~305VAC wide range AC input,  the HLG-80H series  can be operated under 277VAC input in North America. Built-in active PFC function, HLG-80H complies with harmonic current limitation per EN61000-3-2 Class C (>60% load). They also fulfill PF>0.9 if loading over 60% and possess 4KV surge immunity (EN61000-4-5)  which complies with the requirements of street lighting. With up-to date high efficiency topology, HLG-80H possesses up to 91% efficiency, so it can be cooled by free air convection from -40℃ to +70℃ ambient temperature (-40℃power on at 230VAC and above) that meets the requirements of outdoor installation.

Which part is right for me?
“Blank”: IP67 rated. Cable for I/O connection.

“A”: IP65 rated. Output voltage and constant current level can be adjusted through internal potential meter.

“B”: IP67 rated. Constant current level adjustable through output cable with 1~10Vdc or 10 PWM signal or resistor.

Series PartNumber DC Voltage (V) Rated Current (A) Rated Power (W) “Blank” “A” “B”
HLG-80H-12 12 5 60 View View View
HLG-80H-15 15 5 75 View View View
HLG-80H-20 20 4 80 View View View
HLG-80H-24 24 3.4 81.6 View View View
HLG-80H-30 30 2.7 81 View View View
HLG-80H-36 36 2.3 82.8 View View View
HLG-80H-42 42 1.95 81.9 View View View
HLG-80H-48 48 1.7 81.6 View View View
HLG-80H-54 54 1.5 81 View View View

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