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Mean Well Introduces LDD Series DC/DC Converter

MeanWell LDD Series

MEAN WELL introduces the LDD-L and LDD-H series of encapsulated module type DC-DC Buck converters for LED driving. With constant current mode output, LDD-L features a 9~36VDC input and 2~32VDC output while LDD-H possesses an even wider range of 9~56VDC input and 2~52VDC output.

The LDD series is designed to be mounted on the system PCB of a lighting fixture. Their typical deployment is to connect to the output of CV (constant voltage) mode AC/DC LED power supplies providing a constant current to drive LEDs. For example, a typical LED lighting fixture with multiple LED strings internally using LDD series not only can maintain a good current balance for each LED string ensuring the long life of LEDs, but also can save the effort of sorting the Vf value of LEDs. Furthermore because of the independent constant current nature, failure in any LED string driven by the LDD series won’t affect the others, and each string can be connected for different number of LEDs according to system design requirements.

Additional Features 

  • Constant current (C.C.) mode output
  • 97% high efficiency
  • Built-in PWM dimming function
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Protections: Short circuit / Over temperature
  • Approval: FCC / CE

Start your part selection by finding the part that matches your specification needs!!

Part Number Output (VDC) Output (mA) Full Details
LDD-300L 2 ~ 32 300 View Online
LDD-350L 2 ~ 32 350 View Online
LDD-500L 2 ~ 32 500 View Online
LDD-600L 2 ~ 32 600 View Online
LDD-700L 2 ~ 32 700 View Online
LDD-300H 2 ~ 52 270 View Online
LDD-350H 2 ~ 52 320 View Online
LDD-500H 2 ~ 52 450 View Online
LDD-600H 2 ~ 52 550 View Online
LDD-700H 2 ~ 52 650 View Online
LDD-1000H 2 ~ 52 900 View Online

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