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New GaN-HEMT Products Up To 180W In Power

CDI Announces

Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of Sumitomo Device Innovations USA
GaN-HEMT Transistors that now operate up to 180W in power!

NEW GaN-HEMT TransistorsGaN-HEMT Transistor Advantages Include:
  • High Efficiency
  • Ease of Matching
  • Broadband
  • Consistency
  • Higher Gain
GaN-HEMT Transistor Advantages
NEW GaN-HEMT TransistorsGaN-HEMT Products: Up To 180W in Power!
Part Number Frequency (GHz)  
EGNB060M1A 2.7 Buy Now: EGNB060M1A
EGNB090M1A 2.2 Buy Now: EGNB090M1A
EGNB070MK 0.9 Buy Now: EGNB070MK
EGNB090MK 0.9 Buy Now: EGNB090MK
EGNB180M1A 0.9 Buy Now: EGNB180M1A
Current GaN-HEMT Products: 10W Up To 45W in Power
Part Number Frequency (GHz)  
EGNB010MK 3.5 Buy Now: EGNB010MK
EGNB030MK 2.7 Buy Now: EGNB030MK
EGNB045MK 2.2 Buy Now: EGNB045MK
For more information visit CDI online at
Contact CDI Sales to get your GaN-HEMT products up to 180W in Power!
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