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MINMAX Technology MDWI03 Series DC/DC Converters

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MINMAX’s MDWI03 series is an excellent selection for data communication equipment, mobile battery driven equipment, distributed power system, telecommunication equipment, mixed analog/digital subsystem, process/machine control equipment, computer peripheral equipment and industrial robot system.

MINMAX’s MDWI03 series power modules are in mini-DIP DC/DC converters and are Pin compatible with the MDW1000 series. The MDWI03 offers a power rating up to 3W and a typical full-load efficiency of 80%, continuous short circuit, remote on/off control, EN55022 Class A conducted noise compliance minimize design-in time, cost and eliminate the need for external filtering.


Additional Features:

  • Efficiency up to 80%
  • 1500VDC Isolation
  • 4:1 Wide Input Range
  • Temperature Performance -40° ro +60°
  • Internal SMD Construction
  • Remote On/Off Control
  • Complies With EN55022 Class A

Start your part selection by finding the part that matches your specification needs!!

Part Number Input (VDC) Output (VDC) Full Details
MDWI03-24S033 24
(9 ~ 36)
3.3 View Online
MDWI03-24S05 5 View Online
MDWI03-24S12 12 View Online
MDWI03-24S15 15 View Online
MDWI03-24S24 24 View Online
MDWI03-24D05 ±5 View Online
MDWI03-24D12 ±12 View Online
MDWI03-24D15 ±15 View Online
MDWI03-48S033 48
(18 ~ 75)
3.3 View Online
MDWI03-48S05 5 View Online
MDWI03-48S12 12 View Online
MDWI03-48S15 15 View Online
MDWI03-48S24 24 View Online
MDWI03-48D05 ±5 View Online
MDWI03-48D12 ±12 View Online
MDWI03-48D15 ±15 View Online
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