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Micro-Coax MKR Series high-performance ruggedized test cable assemblies


CDI Introduces MKR Series high-performance ruggedized test cable assemblies. 

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MKR represents the best in Micro-Coax technology. Using its industry leading UTiFLEX microwave cable as a base, Micro-Coax then fits MKR with an additional highly flexible and abrasive resistant ruggedization. The resulting integrated product is an ideal choice for test labs or any testing environment requiring excellent mechanical strength and long term reliability. The MKR test cables have passed strenuous lifetime qualification testing to insure long term reliability.
Specification MKR240A MKR300C
Outer Diameter (in.) 0.240 0.300
Static Bend Radius (in.) 1.250 1.250
Crush Resistance (lbs.) 250 250
Frequency (GHz) DC-40 DC-26.5
Insertion Loss (dB/ft)
1GHz 0.11 0.09
5GHz 0.23 0.20
10GHz 0.33 0.30
18 GHz 0.45 0.40
26.5 GHz 0.55 0.49
40GHz 0.68


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