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New ASL AC Current Operated Switch

Component Distributors Inc. (NK Technologies)
ASL AC Current Operated Switch with Patent-pending
Linear Adjustment Provides Precise Setpoint
Download ASL Series Datasheet The New ASL Series provide a current operated solid state contact powered from the monitored circuit. The trip point adjustment uses a single turn potentiometer. This means the installer can set the point where the output changes state when the monitored circuit is not energized, by turning the adjustment arrow to the current magnitude needed, and install the sensor over the conductor. Available in Solid-core or split-core case.
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  • Patent-pending, potentiometer setpoint selection
  • Solid-state design means no moving components for switching
  • Aperture large enough for 150 amp loads
  • Fast action contact reacts quicker than RTD, thermocouples, or
    bimetallic thermal elements
  • Two-second startup delay
  • Detect belt or coupling breakage on fan loads
  • Monitor pumps for dry run or blocked inlet or outlet
  • Monitor heating elements for proper operation
  • Independent verification of proper circuit conditions
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