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Custom Measurement Solutions at CDI

CDI, Arnold Gauge
Arnold Gauge, Custom Measurement Solutions at CDI

CDI would like to introduce Arnold Gauge, a new line addition to our sensing, measurement, and controls market. Arnold Gauge is a design and build system integrator for Custom Measuring Projects. Their expertise is in taking difficult to measure parts and developing customized measuring solutions, usually from a part print. Industries that utilize Arnold Gauge custom measuring solutions are aerospace, automotive, agriculture, and oil & gas.

Arnold Gauge, Custom Measurement Solutions at CDI
Automated Gages Gages combined with automation to sort, load, unload, and more.
Variable Gages Uses indicators, electronic probes, lasers, and more to provide an exact reading.
Go/No-Go Gages Simply "passes" or "fails" a part or feature. Very rugged and does not require mastering.
CMM Fixtures Holds a work piece in the optimal position for CMM inspection.
Special Solutions Inventive ways to solve your toughest measurement challenges, usually from your print / drawing.
Manual to Automatic The conversion of an existing manual fixture to an automated gage.
In-Process Grinding Gages No need to stop your grinder to measure a part. Simply grind until the indicator reads “zero”.
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