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Wirelessly Transmit Data 100 Meters Between Transceivers and Up to a Maximum of 800 Meters Away with the
New WRT Transmitter/Receiver
The New WRT Series Transmitter/Receiver provides self-managed mesh network that allows the system to function with high reliability. Over 40,000 units are currently in use in 10,000 sites worldwide. . . trouble free. No changes or cabling needed to add devices to existing networks, transparent to existing equipment. Transmit data 100 meters and up to 800 meters maximum with multiple hops.
  WRT Series Transmitter/Receiver  
Can be configured as a master or slave and set at the factory to transmit Modbus RTU formatted packets.
Allows for wired and wireless equipment mixes to avoid radio obstacles.
Simple to configure for existing network packet parameters.
Wiring to the terminal block does not require any tools making the unts easy to install.
The WRT is compatible with most automation systems.
Ideal for use in applications that require continuous monitoring such as photovoltaic power generation, building energy management, water treatment, power plants, and many manufacturing processes.
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