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ACR SmartReader Plus Data Loggers / TrendReader 2 Software

ACR Systems: SmartReader Plus Data Loggers, TrendReader 2 Software
ACR Systems Inc.
SmartReader Plus Data Loggers
TrendReader 2 Software
The Engineering Team at CDI would like to introduce the ACR SmartReader Plus Series of Data Loggers and the TrendReader 2 Software as the perfect package to get anyone started with logging Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, or most any other measurable variable you can think of.

SmartReader Plus 1 TrendReader 2 Software
How SmartReader Plus Loggers Take Their Readings:
Each ACR SmartReader Plus data logger from CDI has an on-board thermistor that you can use to record ambient temperature. Depending on which SmartReader Plus model you have, you can turn this temperature-monitoring capability on or off using TrendReader 2 software. You can also record other information by connecting sensors, transducers or external circuitry to the plug-in terminal block.
Our Industry leading data loggers can record readings in two selectable modes:

1. First-in, First-out (FIFO). In this mode the logger continues to take readings when its memory is full (to make room, it discards the oldest reading every time it adds a new one). Thus, the memory will contain a "sliding window" of information.

2. Stop When Full. Simply enough, The logger stops recording when its memory is full.

You can also set the time interval at which your logger saves readings using TrendReader 2 software. The sample rate you select will apply to all enabled channels. At a sample rate of eight seconds, one reading is taken every eight seconds and saved to memory.

As you slow the sample rate the logger begins to average readings before saving them to memory. To do this the logger takes a reading every eight seconds, but instead of transferring this directly to the logger’s memory, it stores the readings in a buffer (a temporary memory) where it is retained until the sampling interval is over.

Sound Simple? Well, that’s why ACR sets the standard!!

To learn more about ACR Data Loggers, please feel free to contact the CDI Engineering Team.

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