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SGX MiCS Application Note: FAQ

SGX Sensortech, CDI
MiCS Application Note 2
Frequently Asked Questions

This application note is a complement to most SGX Sensortech MiCS sensor datasheets. It contains answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) asked by SGX MiCS sensor users.
  • How does a semiconductor sensor work?
  • How do gas sensors react to temperature?
  • How do gas sensors react to humidity and interfering gases?
  • Is a warm-up time needed before using the gas sensor?
  • Does airflow have an influence on the measurement?
  • Is calibration needed, and how often?
  • How stable is a semiconductor gas sensor with time?
  • How large is the Ro and S production spread?
  • How can I avoid permanently damaging the sensors?
  • Can gas sensors be poisoned?
  • How to power the sensor
  • How to interpret the sensor signal
  • What are pulsed modes, and how can they help?
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